Round 21 – Lance Strongarm

Had the boil joke already but here’s Lance hitting the headlines again with a scintillating gross 80 in the Medal and 44 points in Refos terms. The stats say 2 x 1 point, 7 x 2 points, 8 x 3 points and 1 x 4 points, and 8 consecutive 4s on the back nine.  Great stuff Lance, well done.

Two extras in the line up, so 17 really, just missing cards for Tony and Nick.

Similar gross 80 for Walter to share second place with Simon B on 37 points, usually enough for the top spot. No blobs for Simon as his roller coaster hits a high points, including 4 consecutive three-pointers round the turn.  Even more of a roller coaster from Walter, getting 7 three-pointers but two blobs, otherwise very impressive.

First Medal casualty was David W, getting close up to the front wall of the bunker on the left of the first and surrendering after 4 goes at getting out.  Then a 10 for Pete on the ninth and 7 off the tee for Colin on the 11th as his homing pigeon balls faithfully made their way over the trees, following a well used route.  Suggest a comfy 7 iron off the tee next time for a guaranteed 5 at worst.

So a big surge up the league table by Lance, adding no less than 12 to his total to lead from Simon with a more modest 3 point advance.  Looks like a fight to the death between these two for the prize unless Mark can pull out a couple of corkers in the remaining rounds.

Lance’s progress isn’t reflected so much in the handicap eclectic, looking like just a 1 point improvement.  Quick check on the scores history shows this is right.  So Mark still holding onto a slender lead from Colin, now joined by Pete in joint second place.

Stats for the day, no guesses needed

Best front nine  :  Lance with 20 from Walter with18
Best back nine :  Lance with 24 from Simon B with 21
Best gross  :  Lance and Walter with 80

Two rounds to go!!

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Round 20 – Handy, Andy

Just shows, body mass doesn’t matter as Andy cleans up again with a controlled 37, scored over 16 holes to spare our blushes.  Steady 18 out including a birdie on 6 then 19 back from 7 holes, finishing with a flourish on 18. Another pic from the archives – must remember to bring camera or get some of you mobphone people to do the necessary.

Gary continues his run of form having said goodbye to Mr Armitage, coming in second with 36, also over just 16 holes.  Then Simon B and the good Doctor on 35 also over 16 each.  Must try this double blobbing cos it seems to concentrate the mind.

Another couple for Simon at the top of the league as Mark and Lance stay put.  Big surge by Andy, adding 9 points to have a glimmer of a chance in the home straight.

No real change in the eclectic as Mark continues to hold a 5 shot lead.

Same story in the handicap eclectic, Mike taking advantage of the new 19 handicap to move up 1 into joint third place.

Stats for the day

Best front nine : Andy with 18 from lots on 15
Best back nine :  Gary and David W with 21
Best gross  :  Andy with 81

Three to go!

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Round 19 – Bouncy Castle

Great stuff from the Cheeky Chippie as he powered through the handicap target by a whole 5 shots that are certain to bring the bar down a bit.  Good solid scoring over the front 9, finishing with a birdie to make it 22 out. The 6-5 finish must have felt like a bit of a disappointment but 19 points speak for themselves. The Xmas tree is a bit of a give away and Arlo has put on a spurt of growth meantime.

By my reckoning Andy’s birdie on 15 should have been worth 4 points not the 3 recorded, so if true means he should have been joint second with Danie.  I’ll leave you lads to sort that one out.  Back to Andy, a slow start of 1 point on the first led to a barrage of 20 on the next eight holes.  Pity about the 11th otherwise the top spot beckoned.

As for Danie, well, a level par round of 70 is just fabulous, not a 6 to be seen on the card, one-over going out, birdies on 17 and 18 to make it one-under back, 40 points total.

Then Gary with 21 points on 7 holes from the 7th, including a birdie on 9 to match playing partner Martin’s.  That gave a share of what now seems to be 4th place with Simon B, whose 22 out was 5  x 2 and 4 x 3.

Colin is the only mover in the eclectic, knocking another 1 off with a well aimed birdie at 7. Mark moves one further ahead just to show who’s boss …

… and in the handicap eclectic too, with Colin moving into clear second place.

Stats for the day :

Best front nine  :  Martin and Simon with 22 from Andy with 21
Best back nine :   Danie with 21 from Martin, Arlo, Gary and Andy with 19
Best gross :   Danie with 70 from Mark with 78

And remember, just 4 rounds to go for this summer league.

Footnote  :  don’t quite know how the wrong score sheet got in there last week, now amended if you look on

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Round 18 – Gary Glitters

Numbers down a bit, some away on Phil’s Broadway trip.

Nice to see Gary back on form, winning with a solid 37 points that could easily have been a couple more.  Had to dredge the photo up from the archive, sorry.

Then a trio in joint second on 36, Colin, David W and Tony.  Tony scooped the pool of birdies with back to back ones on 10 and 11 and the third on 15.

League pretty much as before

Same for eclectic, no one yet challenging Mark

And same for handicap eclectic except that Colin moves up a notch to share second place with Pete as Mark still prevails.

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Round 17 – Pete knows no bounds

Fore! we all cried to warn the dog walker on the practice ground.  Undeterred Pete launches another up the middle and gets a comfy second-ball par.  Then does 16 of the next 17 in net par, just removing 4 shovel-fulls of sand on the 10th to keep it at 36 points and a winning margin of 3 over Richard and Simon C . Richard took the more orthodox route of 16 out, 17 back while Simon stormed in with 20 to add to 13 out.

Neil there to make it a round 15, good to see you, memberships are available.

Mark nudges further ahead in the league, adding 3 to Lance’s 1.  Pete adds 8 and will need a few more like today’s in the remaining 5 weeks to the end of the league season.

All pretty much the same in the Eclectic except that Pete joins Danie in second place while Colin leapfrogs up to be just 1 further back.

Pete also knocks of 1 in the handicap eclectic, all to play for.


Round times  :  everyone round in about 3 hours 35, well done, useful ammunition.
Best Front nine  :  Pete with 18 from Mark, Richard and Arthur with 16
Best back nine :  Gary with 21 from Simon C and Lance with 20
Best gross  :  Mark with 79 from Richard with 81

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Round 16 – Course wins

Bit of a rarity where no-one managed to play to handicap.  Bit odd on a mostly dry day without excessive wind. Enough though to blow away Tony’s card but welcome back anyway, your presence is sorely missed.

Walter and Lance came closest with 35 points, each missing out on one hole.  Then a trio on 34 points, David M, Gary and Richard.

Don’t want to moan, or maybe I do, but that’s joint second in two consecutive weeks for a combined haul of 60p.  Getting a birdie is so much more valuable, taking out the equalisation provided by the handicap system. Will do the stats over the league season.

Predicted surge has happened for Mark, taking over at the top of the league by a whisker from Lance and Simon B, as the top three build a more unassailable position. All’s not lost Arthur.

And Mark also eases ahead in the eclectic with a well aimed birdie on the 15th.  Must be good to be able to nominate which holes to get birdies on.

And Mark completes the hat-trick in the handicap eclectic, moving one ahead.  Lance did the same to vie with Pete for second spot.

And for the record :

Best front nine : Walter with 18 from Arlo and Pete L with 17
Best back nine  : David M with 20 from Gary and Lance with 19
Best gross  :  Mark with 78 from Richard with 80

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Round 15 – Andy within whisker of British Legion

Married life obviously agreeing with Andy.  Slow to get going with 16 points out but then a sparkling back nine of 1 over for 23 points.  Looking at the numbers, 7 shots went on the first 5 holes but then just 4 on the rest. Not a birdie to be had, but who needs them. Almost good enough to get into a tie for the British Legion trophy, just one short of Steve Rogers winning 40.

Old photo from bachelor days sorry, had to rush off to unload tents.

Martyn fizzing as ever, this time 36 points for second place.  Nice steady numbers, nothing worse than 6.  Then a right regular cornucopia in third place, Pete L, Mark W, Gary, David M and Pete G on 35.

Not much change in the League positions, just a bit of a slide for Mike and Dave R as a few more complete their tens.

Beware all, Mark is just one round away from finishing, just needing 32 to rock a boat that’s been stable for a while.

Mark still out in front in the eclectic, improving by 1. Pete nipping up into third place meantime.

Same story in the handicap version with Mark improving by 1 and Pete by 3.  Colin almost doing a dramatic jump up into joint third.


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Round 14 – 29 July, Martyn Fizzing

Wasn’t there to see it but Martyn scooped the day’s pool with a magnificent 40 point, starting with 18 out but finishing the last 6 in one-under for 22, the one coming with a birdie down the last.  Could hear the roar in Meldreth.

Lance back in town, and business, with 39 points, untroubled by yellow blobs on Gary’s reporting sheet.  Bit hard on Colin and Arthur to get 37 and come just joint third.

And after reaching 75 two weeks ago Dave R sets his sights on playing to his age as a centenarian.

Simon advances by 1 in the league but Lance reduces his total by a whopping 8 to close the gap dramatically while Arthur goes one better with 9 off for comfy third place.  All still to play for.

Mark holds top spot in the eclectic, unchanged on 60, while Danie knocks of 1 for second place.  Simon and Arthur mark time in third spot but joined by Pete who reduces by 2.

Pete’s reduction by 2 moves him up into joint second place in the handicap eclectic alongside Lance and Simon B, just 1 behind Mark.

Stats for the day

Best front nine :  Lance, Colin and Danie with 19
Best back nine : Martyn with 22 from Lance, Arthur and Walter with 20
Best gross  :  Danie (as ever) with 75 from Mark with 76.

Good to see Arthur back in the 70’s with 79.


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Round 13 – The cream rises to the top

Superb golf from our two golfing wizards, Danie and Mark as they drop only 5 shots total between them. Gulp, that took me only two holes.  Looking across at Danie on the down-slope of the ninth fairways as he waited for the green to clear I signalled a question whether we was going to fly the trees.  No, draw round them came the reply. Enough said, one of his four birdies. Then a lost ball on the next, just a bit left off the green but never to be see again. And Mark, just a single 1 pointer, two 3s, then the remaining 15 in par. Stratospheric stuff chaps, well colour coordinated too.

Then Richard, Mr Consistent, a point back with 37 and an excellent gross score of 77 in the mortal men section, joined by Simon B.  Another Mr Consistent in recent times …

… reflected in the league, where Simon knocks off a 30 and gains another 7 point to average 35 a round, great stuff.  Must send the search parties out for Lance to put in another challenge for top spot.

Simon also joins the group at the top of the eclectic as the other three don’t make any progress over the last couple of rounds.

Good to see Colin making a leap up the handicap eclectic.  Wife restored, back in the house, new job lined up, designer stubble coming along nicely, everything smelling of roses again.

For the statisticians

Best front nine  : Simon B and Danie with 19
Best back nine  :  Richard and Pete G with 21 (welcome back to the limelight Pete!)
Best gross  :     Danie with 72 from Mark with 73


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Round 12 – Early birds don’t catch the rain

Seventeen out but 15 getting caught in the late shower, with the prudent ones having had the presence of mind to take brollies.

Medal play and a good win for Andy, playing now to a much more sensible handicap and proving he can do it despite three blobs in the Stableford version.  That’s 7 shots dropped on these three and just 6 on the other 15, including a solid birdie on the 9th.

David W, Simon B and Martin nominally in second place with 34 Refos points although Martin’s card as transcribed had some dodgy counting and should have shown 15 back, not 16.  I’ll leave you all to sort it out if bothered.

Simon’s score good enough to allow him to advance by 4 in the league as Lance takes a weekend off.  A 35 by Arthur next time will see him up there too.

No change in the eclectic …

.. nor in the handicap version

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