Arthur comes good as the doom gathers

Great controlled golf from Arthur, continuing a steady streak in recent weeks.  Nothing too flash, just steady scoring.  No winners’ pot or birdies because of unusual circumstances of clubhouse being closed and people going straight home.

Andy next with 32 and then Jonathan with 31, after that nothing above 29 showing how tough the condition were.  Having the wind the other way round took its toll on the normally easier back 9.

With the lock-down we are left with just one round to go in the League, and Andy and Mark separated by 1 shot.  I suggest we hold things over until we can next play, and allow the two of them to battle it out for the cup in proper manner. Would be a shame for it just to be a walk-over.

The A eclectic is pretty much a done deed with Mark so far ahead and keeping the title yet again.  Bit more competition in the B eclectic, with Jonathan ahead by a single shot and a few in close attendance.

So that’s it for the foreseeable future as we hear that all courses are to be closed.  Can’t understand that but for sure Joe Public would be up in arms if we continued playing, despite social distancing and getting needed exercise.

Happy lock-down, everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, we’ll meet again some sunny day.


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