Colin storms back

Just two single-pointers for Colin as he puts in a masterful performance for a clear win with gross 78, and 41 points split 20, 21 and a birdie on 15.

Andy and Mark keep going head to head with 38 each for joint second.  Gary’s card looked like a profile of the Alps with three of the peaks yielding birdies, big wow for the one on 9, matched only by the young maestro.

The front and back nine best score made it look as though it was easy, alas the advancing years of some of us.

Despite the bar chat between the League top dogs there’s a change in the lead as Andy advances by 6 to Mark’s 4 to top the table.  Just 2 rounds to go!

Mark opens up a huge gap in the A Eclectic as a result of a whopping 19 birdies (beware your amateur status!).

And Jonathan holds onto a slender lead in absentia.  Thinks, just 5 birdies in each of the last two rounds might just do the trick for me.

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