Corona League

Dear All

I’m suggesting creation of a ‘virtual league’ while we’re off proper golf.

The simple procedure will be to choose a number from 1 to 9 for each hole and put your card onto Refos Scores, so they don’t interrupt the flow of videos on the main Refos group.  A card will look something like this (spaces will make them easier to read and copy)

3 6 7   6 9 3  1 5 8  3 4 7  7 1 2  4 9 2  7 3 1

You don’t need to know this but the database will do an analysis behind the scenes

  • translate these ‘v-scores’ into normal Stableford points in the range 0 to 3, (or blob to birdie), so there’ll be more than one v-score for each level
  • there’ll be a different translation each time so the smart-asses won’t be able to remember that a 7 is a par, 5 a blob etc
  • I’ll state the weather conditions for each new round and change the allocation of points to reflect the difficulty; this might split between wind-with and wind-behind halves
  • the Stableford scores will appear in a Corona League that you’ll get by email as for normal rounds
  • each week’s winner will be receive a ‘v-loo roll’, and/or ‘v-hand-sanitizer’ for a birdie!

This is all conditional on enough people sending cards.  Anyone on the Subscriber list can enter, including Big Bruv Marsh in Adelaide.

Will decide on the frequency of rounds depending on responses, but at most weekly.

Get scoring, first round weather will be sunny and calm!

Scores by Sunday evening please so I have some time to work out and test the process.

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Come on you lot, tell me what you think!