Gone Phishing

Hi to anyone opening this.

I put an ad on Gumtree yesterday to try to sell a bike.

There was a very quick response on WhatsApp from a lady called Darcey who asked if the bike had scratch marks and to send more photos. It was all so convincing.

She then said she’d like to buy it but would use Gumtree’s delivery partner and arrange payment through them.  A new message then came from Express24 saying a payment had been made, including postage, from a named person at a named address, and that they’d transfer the amount to my credit card.

Stupidly I gave the details but with growing suspicion, so halted the process and contacted my bank who instantly blocked the card, saying it had all the signs of phishing.  At this point the ‘purchaser’ became verbally abusive on another message, so I blocked ‘her’ on WhatsApp and deleted the ad on Gumtree.

Gumtree responded to my message to their help service saying that this phishing attempt was doing the rounds, and that they never communicate via WhatsApp, nor have any involvement with payments but are just a classified ads service for private transactions.

This message is to be very vigilant, more so than I was on this occasion!


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