Launch of Corona League!

Are we down-hearted – No!  Sixteen intrepid golfers turned out for the start of the Corona League.

Conditions were really tough and the virtual green staff had to enlarge the holes so much there were an astounding 32 birdies!  Don’t expect this each time as the word is they’re working hard to get the greens back to normal.

Fast out of the blocks were Mark and Jonathan (no surprises there!) with 34 virtual points, closely followed by Paul D with his magic putter and 5 birdies. Extra claps for the Good Doctor for getting 4 birdies.

Sorry, Mark and Jonathan, you’ll have to share the e-loo-roll prize, so no squabbling who gets first go.

Each round promises to offer new challenges so don’t think repeating your e-scores will guarantee the same results next time!

Entries for the next round will close on Wednesday, so get scoring again!



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