Mark – my word

Our infant prodigy does it again. Apart from winning, a second eagle in a row on 18.  In fact the last three holes in 9 shots!  No names, no pack drill for the highest scorer over these three but don’t lose heart Martin.

In Mark’s wake (don’t worry, he still lives and kicks so don’t rush for the black ties) came James with 34 and Gary with 33.

A few cards missing( eg those for Pete, Colin and Henry) but can add them as and when.


Mark’s surge of 4 birdies has swept him into top position in the League, leaving three rounds for the pack to catch up.


In fact it’s getting to be a Westwood cavalcade as he knocks two off his A Eclectic aggregate to stand 3 clear of Pete, with Andy one further back.

No real change in the B version, with absent Jonathan still 3 clear.

Just to put last week’s 5 stalwarts’ minds to rest, their scores are in the database. Bit of tidying up of scores and totals needed but without changing the winners, as below.

And Paul D, your glorious 21 from the week before are now safely recorded for you to enjoy in later life.

Buried in the above note there are three weeks to go for the League!

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