Day’s report by Gary.  Answer to the question was yes, biking back from Newark with two overnight stops and lots of hot sunshine.

Latest words and figures for Captain’s Day
Were you off cycling somewhere? Hope it went well.

So, with 18 players and only 5 start times allocated, somehow everyone managed to squeeze in without any obvious delay to the groups behind.

And it’s Martyn by a margin, coming from behind with a stunning 22 pts on the back nine for 38 total. Simon C & Danie finishing joint second, 3 points back.

Quick starter Mark failing to maintain his 22 pts outward nine, which included 4 birdies and a blob!

And a the back of the field, the response to “How did Colin play?” was “Put it this way, the sheep were shitting themselves”. Thanks to Simon B for that assessment.

Captain’s Day apart, these were the scores

And the league now looks like this, with Simon B completing his 10 and joining Lance in top positions.  It’ll need a good round from Arthur to join them but who knows what’ll happen in the knock-off stage.

Mark knocks off 3 in the eclectic and Danie 1 to move a bit clear in the eclectic.

And 3 off for Mark in the handicap eclectic to Lance’s 2 and Arthur’s 1 to make it a bit crowded at the top. Similar movements by the pack to keep in touch.


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1 July – Walter’s practice pays off

Sombre start to the day but warming up enough for the shorties not to regret their choice of apparel.

Walter reaping the benefit of all that practice, coasting in with 20 out and back, gross 77.  Birdie on the first was a nice opener, and good steady stuff followed with just two single- pointers compensated by four threes.

Andy in next with 39, similar story but alas the one that got away on the third.  Then Mark with the best round of the day (as ever unless Danski is there to offer some competition) and a model of consistency with not a 6 to be seen.  Have to say it was a good grinding score, with a chip-in birdie from left of the 11th to add the icing.

Lance first man home in the league and now able to knock off some of those lower scores.  Keep an eye on Simon B though, within spitting distance when he completes next time.

Mark takes over at the top of the eclectic, knocking off 2. Arthur improved by 1 to share second place with Danie.

And Arthur moves another 1 ahead in the handicap version, as Mark joins the SLAM group two behind.

The day’s stats

Best front 9  :  Walter with 20, from Andy with 19
Best back 9 :  Walter, Andy and Martyn with 20
Best gross  :  Mark with 75, from Walter with 77

Won’t be around next Saturday, instead relying on pedal power to get from Newark in fairly easy stages.

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24 June – Unsinkable Danie

Never far from the podium, it’s Danie again leading the way on a quiet Refos day.  Great weather so wonder where everyone was.  Not at the Music Marathon that’s for sure, unlike me, rattling the tin and the voice box in a good cause. Hope to return to more rapid reporting soon.

Succinct summary from Sub Ed Gary

Only 10 out today (where has everyone gone??).A robust breeze, but good conditions, somehow concocted not to produce any scores better than handicap.  Danie proving his quality again with best score of the day and the only two birdies. Lance in 2nd, complaining of back pains (heel ending one off the 4th tee), but still managing to soldier on, just a point behind Danie.

Danie’s golf is a model of consistency, always mid 7os or better, trying to figure out why the rest of us struggle so much. Maybe those of us heading for ages matching his scores have something to blame.  Characteristic flourish over the last few holes with birdies on 14 and 18, and stories about driving three of the par 4 greens.  Yikes.

Lance keeping up the challenge in second place one point behind on 33, an increasing force to reckon with as the scores improve faster than the handicap comes down.  Good to see Gary back from the land of the Shermans, with a respectable 32 for third place

Lance back at the helm in the league but with some strong contenders in the rear view mirror.

The MAD men still holding sway in the eclectic

 And Arthur heading up the handicap version.

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June 17 – 125 Today

… or thereabouts.

Second day of competitions celebrating the club’s reaching 125 years.  Yesterday’s was the turn of the Seniors, playing in pairs with guests of other clubs we have matches with.  Just shows the home advantage, the visitors’ better ball score winner had 34 points while the Royston pairs reached 44, with 3 more on 42.

Back to the Saturday round and a fine win for Arlo with 35 points as the rest of us struggled a bit.  Odd to say it was too hot but an incredibly windless day with non-stop blue sky. Double up on the bottles of water chaps, if this goes on.  Arlo’s round was a model of consistency apart from the first and last par 5s, with a birdie on the third as part compensation. Not dressed like this though, had to delve back into the archive of photos.

Mike, Richard and Simon B in next with 34, nice to see Mike there again, bolstered by a birdie on the third. Remove those 3s and an 8 and it’s very respectable.  Richard a model of consistency, with a couple of birdies to push the score along nicely. Another good round by Simon B, just running into the start and finish par 5 problems.

But Simon’s round was still good enough to give him a comfy lead in the league, now within two rounds of being able to knock of the ones at the low end.  Mustn’t relax though because the pack isn’t far behind when you look at the averages.

Nothing much new to report on the eclectic except for Simon’s progress by 2 to be just one behind the lead held by the MAD men, Mark, Arthur and Danie (temporarily gone missing).

Similarly no progress in the handicap version with Arthur still holding sway.

Nobody’s ever asked how I create all this stuff but I’ll tell you anyway.  Here’s the data entry bit, which logs and processes all the scores you’ve ever had over the last umpteen years.  Bang in the scores and it does the rest.  Must be money to be made with this somewhere.

This was a pivotal part of the reassignment of Stroke Indexes because, would you believe, the Club’s historic data didn’t survive a software update of their system.

I’m sure many would agree it’s not perfect yet, with the 12th being the most conspicuous,  a consequence of the insistence on keeping the odds-out, evens-back policy.  Not a requirement, just a traditional way of divvying up shots over the two halves.  For example, swapping the 3rd and 12th indexes would make sense but there’d be howls of protest from the high-end Seniors who have the luxury of two shots on the 12th.  Playing the hole with a putter all the way would just about guarantee 2 points for them.

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Arthur’s Day

Normal email notification may now be back after some trouble in Serbia.  You can always get here via the normal route of rather than being spoon fed.

The Beeb got the meteorological prognosis right today, slow to get going but heading up to 23 degrees with strong winds. Twelve regulars out and nice to see Nick back and unable to resist a visit to the course again.

All but Lance opted for the Stableford of the yellows rather than the Club Championship first round.  Colossal drive from him up the first, far further than most of us off the forward tees. More followed, just need to tidy up the finishing, mate.

Great stuff from Arthur with 38 points. and a rousing start of 20.  Two birdies on the way home compensated for the two blobs, and gross 79 to show the old boy still has it in him. Spared you the added gesture by Phil on the retake.

Interesting mini comp between Arthur and Simon C, and a +1 gross score for them on better ball.

Three way tie for second on 36 points, between the Simons and Martin.  Splendid back nine for Simon B with 22, including a glorious birdie on 13 and a more routine one on 18.

Good enough for him to garb the lead in the league as Lance gives us all a chance.  Watch out for Arthur though, within a stones throw with a game in hand.

Arthur joins the exalted company of Mark and Danie in the eclectic with 65 …

… and nips in ahead of Lance in the handicap version, with Simon B moving up to share second spot.

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3 June – Richard Reigns

More problems with the website so have forgotten what happened last week but at least all the scores are safely in my database.

And Richard comes good again with a glorious round of gross 75, made up of 11 pars and a birdie. Relatively quiet front nine under usual windy conditions then a splendid 1 over back nine so nothing less than 2 points and 3 scores of 3 points.  Well done mate.

Another top round by Mark, with his gross 73 even beating Richard’s, despite a double bogey on the 9th.  Natural talent so fixed that in the shape of a level par back nine with a couple of birdies thrown in for good measure.

Next in was Andy with a game-of-two-halves round.  Just 15 out but then all pars or net pars back for a great 21 to put the round back on an even keel.

Just the other headlines and results now, commentary blurb to be resumed next time.

So, Lance is joined by Simon B at the top of the pile …

Mark and Danie share the eclectic lead …

… and Lance leads the handicap eclectic with 61, just ahead of Arthur and Mark.


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Mark Makes It Look Easy

Great day’s golf as the summer inches towards us.  Stunning golf from Mark, on the surface of it looking like a straightforward one over par on each half .but with some extra drama thrown in.  Glitch on the 11th saw the ball agonisingly deflect out of bounds rather than stay in play, so double bogey there.  Stayed like that to the 18th where Mark’s drive found the first fairway, leaving 110 yards to go. The wedge looked good all the way, homing in on the flag and doing a half circuit of the cup before finishing half in but resting against the stick which was bending in the wind.  There was just a chance the ball could have been pushed out again before we reached it but no, in she went for the eagle.

Welcome back to Colin, showing true dedication by coming to golf despite only arriving back from New Zealand yesterday evening. Some typical long hitting soon coming, probably the best a 1-iron (remember those?) close up the bunkers on the 15th.

Great round from David W for 39 points, to be denied the overall win by just a shot.  A best of breed 21 points on the outward nine was followed by a steady net par back nine.

Then came Simon B with a balanced 19 + 19 points, also with no passes. Nice tidy round, just one single-pointer balanced by a birdie on 16.

Simon heads the league by a margin that looks comfortable for a round or two but watch out for some of the high averagers further down the table.

Mark bursts up the eclectic table to get within 2 of Danie’s 66, all the more remarkable for coming so early in the season.

Nice to see Lance sharing top place with Danie in the handicap eclectic, pursued by Arthur, Mark and Simon one shot behind.


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Round 4 – Andy leads the way

Nice steady round from Andy, playing to his handicap in the Medal while most of us struggled a bit.   Pete and Phil renewing last season’s tussle, each with 34 for joint second place.

No obvious reasons, just a bit windy with a hint of rain but over half the field failed to reach 30 points.  So we did find it more difficult than normal, before the rough gets into its stride.

Danie cleans up the birdies again, getting 3 of the 4 and leaving Arthur with the other one.

Lance pushes ahead in the league but with Simon B closing the gap after 4 of the 10 qualifier rounds.

Danie knocks another shot of his eclectic, with Arthur in pursuit.  Must get the handicap version going, if anyone’s interested.

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Charity Competition at Newmarket

Eleven at this annual event, twelfth man Pete G calling in sick at the last minute.  Thanks for the extra helping at meal time Pete, gobbled down in no time by the rest of us.

Two miracle workers on the day. First Mark for his hole-in-one at the third, who confessed it wasn’t his greatest strike but the bank on the left side of the green gave the ball a nudge in the right direction, sending Ruth the flag lady into ecstasy.

All in front of the supporting Refos squad waiting to play the same hole.

Then our resident man-mountain Danie scooped the longest drive prize at the 12th with a colossal shot over the right hand bunker, measured at 302 yards by his playing partners.

Sorry mate, no photo, Gary didn’t quite get the timing right for the presentation moment.

Refos 3 narrowly missed the prizes with their 80 points in the 2-best-from-4 competition, their late surge crowned by Martin’s chip in from off the 18th green for a glorious 4 point birdie.


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Arthur on the way back down

Great round of 78 for 40 points as Arthur works to get back to single figures. Slow start with 5 shots going before the 5th tee but then nothing more than 5 per hole.  Oh so close to winning the whole Grace Darling competition, just being pipped on a countback by a higher handicap player.

Simon B and Lance in joint second with 36 points, both looking good for a reduction in handicap soon.

Danie best of breed again with a solid 76, never seems to be any worse than this, see next post for more heroics.

Four clear front-runners in the league at this early stage, all with a high score from the kick off.

If you’re not on the list it means I haven’t marked you as Paid, so get your £10 in by the 20 May deadline or let me know if you won’t be there that day but want to be included.

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