Wind ruffling scorer pencils

Another tough day as the wind shows no sign of abating.  Allocation of winnings needs a bit of adjustment with three cards having errors.

Pete wrestles a win from Andy after the first of them, so 33 best, then Andy’s 32 and now a trio in joint third after Arlo was denied an extra point on 14.

Net hole in one for Mark on 12 and genuine eagle for Pete on 18.

Clearly tougher going out than coming back …

No change in the league, Andy still hangin’ in there by a small margin.

All three leaders in the A Eclectic knocked one off their totals so no relative change.

And no change in the B version.

Away next week, this time Madeira, so make sure you mark cards properly!

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50 mph wind and rain promised

Ten plucky souls turned up on a day that promised far worse than actually arrived, at least until we’d finished.  Wouldn’t want to have started then, as Storm Dennis built up.

Arthur showed how managing the weather pays off with a gloriously steady 36 points, good enough to win the Medal if he’d signed up for it.  Not surprising he didn’t given the conditions, and pretty amazing we weren’t driven to quit early as feared.

Not a blob in sight on Arthur’s card, 17 out then just one over for the last 7 holes. Rare appearance for DM in the winner list, second with 30 ahead of James, Simon B and Martin (promoted ‘cos of counting errors on his card) with 29.

Arthur top man in day’s best scores, sharing front nine with adjusted Martin, otherwise clear winner.

Arthur also jumped up by 4 in the League to get close to the top

No other significant changes to report so will make a quick exit from reporting.

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Calm before the storm.

Pivotal day for me, will explain later.  Nice mild one but the forecast is pretty grim for tonight and onward.  Good day for Andy (yet again!) and lovely to see Sarba up there sharing top spot.  Andy really looks the part now, very high power to weight ratio, very tidy card for 77 gross.  Sarba recovered from a shaky start and then blitzed the second half with 21 points.  Ever steady Arthur in third, one point back with 37.

Huge field of 21 players, almost clocking up a birdie each on average, not in reality.

All round good scoring in the Day’s Best lists, Danie top dog as usual, a mere 3 birdies his time.

Giant leap of 6 up the League table by Andy, to Arthur’s 5 and Mark’s 4, putting the three at the top but with a few pretenders close behind.

No change in the A Eclectic

Nor in the B Eclectic

My pivotal moment was reaching my highest ever handicap in the half century since being allocated 16  as starting point.  Time and tide.



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Great Presentation Evening

Big thanks to Andy and Jonathan for organising Saturday’s gathering and dinner.  The constant buzz of conversation said it all.

Might need to borrow a box to stand on next time, Andy.  You two might be evidence of Einstein’s theory that (mass * handicap/kg) is a universal constant.

Missed the Chariots of Fire bit and wondered why so many set off out to the road, making a lot of noise.  Video clip to follow, maybe.

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Wild and windy, low scores

Windiest places on earth are round the cornet on the 9th and on the 14th tee.  Can’t believe I had a 3 foot putt for par on 9, can believe I missed it.  And don’t worry Doc W, won’t mention that spectacular one again!

Martin and Danie were flag bearers with 32 points, Danie still able to bag three birdies to help pay for that new roof.  Only five at 30 or above, so everyone struggling a bit. But Danie still with an amazing gross 77 and three back in 19 points.

No change in the League, Andy and Mark 4 clear.

And Mark unchallenged in the A Eclectic but expecting a run by Pete when he comes back from the delights of St Lucia  –  might have to pack those shorts away for a while.

And status quo in the B version, with Jonathan and Paul H just ahead.



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Simon C shines on a grey day

Such a nice swing, really expect Simon to do this week in, week out.  Lovely controlled round of 41 points to just squeeze first place by a shot from Henry, maybe finding that the double on 9 cost him dearly.  Ever consistent Arthur next on 36 after a slow start.

Exotic round by Jonathan, just 7 out after perhaps a hard night, then 20 back. Similar story for Sarba, going from 19 out to 9 back.  Pretty good better-ball score you two!

All change in the league, with Mark and Andy sharing top spot.  Jonathan and Arthur within spitting distance so all to play for.

Much a status quo in the eclectics, some of us could do better.



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Order, order

Chaps, would appreciate a few things to make my life easier in entering scores onto the database.

  • identify which Paul, which Simon and any other pairs with same names
  • add current handicaps (most do)
  • have your card appear vertical, not horizontal as there’s no rotate button in WhatsApp and I have a stiff neck
  • be clear who’s who  –  Mark’s card had Danie as Marker but the scores were Andy’s
  • make sure the photo of the card is clear – the one with Richard and the other two was very blurred and needed a bit of sleuthing
  • there are often mistakes in points allocations, which the database picks up; sometimes the money is misallocated

Many thanks


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Colin’s back

Looks to have been a difficult scoring day but Colin showed what’s possible with a level-par round, to win with 36 and a good sprinkling of scores of 4 or less. Andy, Richard and Arthur next with 32. Needed another dip into the archives to find the pic.

Tight at the top of the league, with Andy zooming up to join Jonathan at the top.  All sounds a bit familiar over the last few seasons but watch out for Mark with a 27 to knock off and Arthur on a steady run of scores.

Several nibbles off eclectic scores in the A group, but Mark still holding firm.

Jonathan looking good in the B group, and with a healthy birdie count.


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Andy back at the top

Great round of 40 points by Andy, snipping away nicely at the handicap and now well into the elite of single-figure men.  Quick look back at 2015 records shows a handicap of 16 so at that rate it’ll be scratch by 2028.  Had to dig into the archives for a photo so maybe weekly winners could get someone to supply up to date ones each time.

Mark and Pete next with 37, keeping up their flows of solid rounds.  News on the grapevine about Pete shooting the lights out with the Seniors and getting back to 8.

Will leave the reporting there because there’s another round to come.




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Note that the editorial staff will be away for the next two Saturdays, answering the call of the Swiss mountains and ski resort of Adelboden.

Send the score cards as normal and they’ll be processed asap thereafter.

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