Pop goes the Weasel

Dear all, courtesy of some extra bits of analysis on the Refos scoring database you may be interested to see where the league season’s money went this time.

I hope this is all self explanatory, but in case
– Main Winnings = breakdown of how the £1 entry money is distributed
– Birdie Winnings = cumulative winnings on the birdies side bet
– Gross Winnings = sum of these two
– Entry Cost = the £1 entry plus total birdies x 20p
– Net Winnings = profit/loss for the season

What’s clear from this table and an extra bit of totting up is
– winnings for best on the day can be eclipsed by prolific birdie scorers
– winning the league can cost you for the privilege, witness Jonathan
– the birdie pot at £483.60 is 50% bigger than the main pot of £313.70
– two thirds of the Refos group are well out of pocket over the season

The question is whether we’re happy with this or do something to make it all a bit more egalitarian. Possibilities are
– leave as is, it’s only money
– have Refos handicaps (messy, needs administration)
– reduce the 20p per birdie cost
– reduce the birdie payout and put the surplus into a Refos Dinner fund

There may well be other suggestions so give it some thought

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2 Responses to Pop goes the Weasel

  1. Anonymous says:

    If we’d like to put more emphasis on the prize pot rather than the birdie pot, I suggest raising the main pot to £2 and reducing the birdies to 10p rather than 20p. The overall combined stake would be similar (normally around 10 birdies), but a greater proportion of the overall fund would go to those who played best against handicap rather than the lowest handicappers who dominate the birdie count.

    eg a field of 18 returning 16 birdies.

    Under old scheme winner would get £9, 2nd £6 and 3rd £3, whilst 3 birdies would pay out £10.80, rather more than the winner. Stake money £4.20

    Under proposal, winner gets £18, 2nd £12 and 3rd £6, whilst 3 birdies pays £5.40. Stake money £3.60

  2. Martyn says:

    So for less than 20 quid you can win the league. Well done, Jonathan! A bargain for so many happy memories, cheering on from lots of friends, a trophy, fame and glory. ( It’s a shame that at the amateur level the losses aren’t tax deductible. 🙂 )

    And many months of winter pleasure for REFOS watching Danie whack his balls away towards the horizon. A 6-hole golf lesson with Luke costs £60 , so having the pleasure of Danie with us for months on end is a real bargain. (Danie, this year’s South African Burhill event is on Friday 6th September. )

    I wonder, is Westie going the way Tiger a few years ago? Let him have his birdie money as I don’t see him having a big win for a year or two or three. (Prove me wrong. What odds will you give me?)

    Lance and James are looking good for the summer and will probably make money due to birdies. I think 20p for birdies is fine, an incentive for all of us to give it a go. Perhaps now that we can leave the pins in when putting on the green there will be more birdies and fewer 3 puts.

    Payouts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for a £1 a pop each absolutely works for me. With the prospect of the best player winning £50 (mostly because of birdies) and Mike every six months contributing just over £30 to the pot (it would be more without 20p for birdies), that’s okay with me.

    Watch out in the league. I’ll be wombling back on my great, bandit handicap!

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