Saturday Golf

You’ll have seen this in the recent email from the Golf Committee “With increasing numbers playing on Saturday mornings, if the field becomes too congested at certain times and play too slow, thought may have to be given to introducing tee times. So please cooperate with the above ruling at all times“.

I was most concerned by this rearing its ugly head again, and was contemplating a vehement response on behalf of REFOS; I’m sure the other regular groups would react similarly.

Fortunately saw Mike Thrower, our President, at the club today and he said it was an unwarranted addition to what was actually discussed in committee. Mike is very much on our side and said there’s no prospect of starting times being introduced on Saturdays. In fact he added that ‘no starting times apart from Sunday mornings‘ is part of our marketing message to attract new members. He’s also very appreciative of our role in welcoming new members and supporting the club (and bar!).

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2 Responses to Saturday Golf

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for speaking to Mike and defending our position

  2. Gary says:

    Happy days…
    Starting times could have been the death of REFOS. The option of our casual ‘turn-up-and-play’ policy has worked well for so many years.
    My feeling is that certain entities within the club have a grievance with REFOS on a personal level.
    The Club itself, as indicated by the President, is very supportive.

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