Sounding the Last Post for Refosnews!

It is now 10 years since Richard and I conceived the Refos leagues for Summer and Winter months.

Richard developed a reporting system on Excel and I then took it a stage further by recreating it as an Access database – partly to get more facilities and partly ‘cos I enjoy a bit of programming. The reporting has evolved with addition of eclectics in particular, recently split into two divisions to spread the winnings a bit, best scores on front, back and overall, etc.

The leagues have been well supported and I think enjoyed, so well worth the weekly hours needed for the calculations and reporting involved.

I feel it’s now time to pass the baton to someone else, perhaps giving the opportunity to develop some new ideas.

The Refosnews website runs on WordPress which does have ongoing running costs that I haven’t been passing on. So I really appreciated your generosity, initiated by Danie in particular, in paying for my and Hilary’s dinners at the last two presentation evenings. I’d also mention that big thanks need to go to Neil S for allowing me in recent years to move the hosting of the website from a paid provider to his private server, all free of charge and leaving just the domain name costs remaining.

The last few weeks of lock down have done two things amongst countless others, the obvious one being to offer an extended break from reporting. The other has seen the emergence of WhatsApp as a free alternative with one huge advantage, that of making for far more interactivity. This is something the WordPress comments system never seemed to achieve.

We also have some clear WhatsApp experts amongst us, judging by the constant streams of postings, from one person in particular! will stay around for a while and I’ll put this message onto it as a sign-off. There are quite a few subscribers who have long since left the club haven’t unsubscribed so continue to get each new message. The site will then quietly leave the stage.

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