Winter League Completed in Mid Summer!

Funny old times for the last three months as Covid19 has taken its toll on golf, like everything else.  Potentially the worst legacy will be Saturday AM start times, which we may need to badger about again, perhaps joining forces with the other regular groups.

Still, we finally got to complete the Winter League, with the final round in the continuing good weather unfamiliar for normal such Refos comps.  On the day it was The Good Doctor W and Paul D who scooped the honours, each with glorious 39 points, then bruv Lance with 38 for a comprehensive Daniells family win.

Buggered if I can get the full list of results again from Vpar.  Saw it once and not since but I know Arthur continued his steady form with 34 while I nipped in a place above alongside someone else, as I recall.

No change in the top places with the door wide open for Mark or Andy to knock off scores they’d normally clear by a stretch.

So the Winner of Winter League 2019-20 is Andy by one point from Mark!!  Small in stature, big in heart, and huge power to weight ratio.

Bit of a gap to Arthur in third, well deserved.

Never far from top spot it’s Mark who cruised to yet another A Eclectic win with equivalent of gross 13 under.  Pete L and Andy in joint second with 62.

Knew there had to be a Mowatt in there somewhere, yes, Jonathan there with 65 from Paul  D and David W with 36.  There may be howls of protest from Paul and David cos of their stonkingly good final rounds but I didn’t see full cards so couldn’t put them through my calc-machine, dragged out of retirement.

May still pop out the occasional Refosnews Observation on our golfing world, we’ll see.


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