Size matters, smaller the better

Andy’s living proof that it’s not muscles that count but the way you use them.  Not an easy day for most of us. but Andy was a model of consistency, no blobs, 19 out, 18 back, totally unfazed by having a Medal card on his hand. That made 37 points in Refos terms.

James second with 33 despite six singles on the way out, but none on the way back.  Also no blobs.  Then a pile up for joint third between Arthur (last week’s 2 on 12th now in database), Jonathan, Martin and Paul, with 32.

Andy figuring twice in day’s best stats, denied the hat trick by the Mowatt boys, whose back nines topped the table.

Mark still leading the way in the Eclectic A …

… and James heading up the Eclectic B


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Three Horse Race

Looks to me like Mark might have been swizzed out of a share of the winnings because the card says 3 for 1 on the 5th.  That being the case he joins Trev and Simon C as joint winners with 33.  I commend all your tenacity in turning out on what looked out of my window like a pretty foul morning.

Simon B recorded his lowest yet in this league but still stays out in front after 5 rounds, at the half way stage.

Mark at his usual position in Eclectic A, with Simon and Lance lurking a few back.

James heads up Eclectic B by 5.  Nobody’s mentioned my suggested split of the Eclectics but the numbers of birdies in each group tell me it gives we less mortals a chance.

Hope the people behind this site, WordPress, don’t force the recent update on us.  This old way of creating posts and pages is so much easier than the so-called improved version in the latest.  Boring, boring, I know.

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New Handicap 2020 System

Based on this …

The system aims to do away with buffer zones and CSS, and provide a more accurate reflection of your current playing ability by calculating your handicap based on your best eight of the last 20 scores

… and looking at people with 20 previous Refos scores, our handicaps would look something like this.  So some changes but mostly not great.

Player Average Current HCP HCP Based on last 20 rounds
Andy 36.8 11 10
Arthur 35.9 12 12
Colin 35.8 11 11
Danie 36.5 4 4
David M 33.9 16 18
David W 34.6 17 18
Gary 33.8 13 15
James 37.4 13 12
Jonathan 36.0 19 19
Lance 37.4 12 11
Mark W 37.1 5 4
Martin 34.9 15 16
Martyn 32.9 18 21
Mike 31.9 21 25
Pete L 37.6 9 7
Phil 37.1 12 11
Richard 35.3 9 10
Simon B 37.3 13 12
Simon C 35.3 13 14
Trev 35.9 16 16


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Simons Rule

Good day for the two Simons, C winning with a glorious 40 points from B’s 38, and accumulating 5 birdies between them on the way.  Trev not far off with 36 for third place, everyone clearly enjoying a very warm day on the Heath with almost no wind.

Simon B also heading up the League table after four rounds, averaging a bit over 35.

Simon also a prominent name in the day’s statistics, C getting the best outward nine score of 21 and Simon getting 20 back, just pipped by Arlo’s 21.  Mark still showing who’s boss in the gross scores, with 76.

New presentation for the Eclectic, split into two divisions by handicap.  The dividing line runs through the middle of the 13 handicapper group so I’ve moved the two Simons up into the A group to balance the numbers, based on their recent consistent form.

Huge problems getting this edition published because the recent WordPress update has produced endless complaints and problems.

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Mark My Word

One for Mark to be proud of, unlike the one at Newmarket, this time an honest whack with a 3 Wood, bounce, roll, in! And two more birdies in a glorious round of 72 gross, for 40 points. Good to behold, neat from start to finish, and half the birdie pot into the bargain.

220 yards + 6 vertical inches
Logged for posterity

Henry completes another occasional raid on the Refos coffers with second place on 35, ahead of James and Richard on 33.

Bit of change not to be saying Mark is striding off the Eclectic again, by my reckoning short of a League entry payment. Instead it’s Lance who shows the way with a very well coordinated set of scores for 71 at this early stage. Simon B in close attendance with 72, most of us having a long way to go.

Clean sweep of bests for Mark, with James sharing the Front Nine and Trev the Back Nine, but miles ahead overall. Steward’s enquiry as to how Richard is in there twice, with different scores.

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Forgot to add the new stats page again, here it is. Lots of big numbers as the rough gathers strength.

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Arlo, Arlo

Stunning golf from Arlo despite a couple of 7s, but compensated by two birdies. Gross 79 for 40 points, welcome return to top form, just shows you still have it in you mate.

Great to see Mike up there after a bit of an absence, tied for second with Simon B on 38.

Only 10 cards returned, fits with the 2, 2, 3, 3 groupings.

Everyone over 30 points

Early doors for the League but Simon off to a cracker.

Scores from last week are built into the stats, just two as the rest of us went off to Newmarket for their annual charity event.

Stats for the day, pretty nifty as the rough begins to make its unwelcome presence felt on some hole.

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Summer League starts

Well at least we’ll call it ‘summer’ but today was pretty bitter, with a weird wind direction that didn’t help much at all. Those of us unfortunates at the back of the field had the added discomfort of being pelted with mini ice balls, rain and gale on the final hole. Touch and go whether the 18th green was playable but amazingly we all got pars.

Simon C and Danie top of the tree with 37, Danie getting 3 birdies to Simon’s 1. Hats off too to the Very Definite Wizard for his 3 over total, the boy could go places (that’s could, not should!)

Andy in third with 35, according to my version of the scoring, not the 34 on the copy card. Best to check your back nine numbers, Andy.

Missed the denouement about the money pay-out regime now. Is it as was apart from birdies being down to 10p each, not Danie’s suggested front nine, back nine, overall split? Sorry not to have seen the comments on the website, WhatsApp being the main chat medium for other responses.

Forgot this new report and could be nobody’ll see it until next time.

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Pop goes the Weasel

Dear all, courtesy of some extra bits of analysis on the Refos scoring database you may be interested to see where the league season’s money went this time.

I hope this is all self explanatory, but in case
– Main Winnings = breakdown of how the £1 entry money is distributed
– Birdie Winnings = cumulative winnings on the birdies side bet
– Gross Winnings = sum of these two
– Entry Cost = the £1 entry plus total birdies x 20p
– Net Winnings = profit/loss for the season

What’s clear from this table and an extra bit of totting up is
– winnings for best on the day can be eclipsed by prolific birdie scorers
– winning the league can cost you for the privilege, witness Jonathan
– the birdie pot at £483.60 is 50% bigger than the main pot of £313.70
– two thirds of the Refos group are well out of pocket over the season

The question is whether we’re happy with this or do something to make it all a bit more egalitarian. Possibilities are
– leave as is, it’s only money
– have Refos handicaps (messy, needs administration)
– reduce the 20p per birdie cost
– reduce the birdie payout and put the surplus into a Refos Dinner fund

There may well be other suggestions so give it some thought

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Saturday Golf

You’ll have seen this in the recent email from the Golf Committee “With increasing numbers playing on Saturday mornings, if the field becomes too congested at certain times and play too slow, thought may have to be given to introducing tee times. So please cooperate with the above ruling at all times“.

I was most concerned by this rearing its ugly head again, and was contemplating a vehement response on behalf of REFOS; I’m sure the other regular groups would react similarly.

Fortunately saw Mike Thrower, our President, at the club today and he said it was an unwarranted addition to what was actually discussed in committee. Mike is very much on our side and said there’s no prospect of starting times being introduced on Saturdays. In fact he added that ‘no starting times apart from Sunday mornings‘ is part of our marketing message to attract new members. He’s also very appreciative of our role in welcoming new members and supporting the club (and bar!).

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