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Gone Phishing

Hi to anyone opening this.

I put an ad on Gumtree yesterday to try to sell a bike.

There was a very quick response on WhatsApp from a lady called Darcey who asked if the bike had scratch marks and to send more photos. It was all so convincing.

She then said she’d like to buy it but would use Gumtree’s delivery partner and arrange payment through them.  A new message then came from Express24 saying a payment had been made, including postage, from a named person at a named address, and that they’d transfer the amount to my credit card.

Stupidly I gave the details but with growing suspicion, so halted the process and contacted my bank who instantly blocked the card, saying it had all the signs of phishing.  At this point the ‘purchaser’ became verbally abusive on another message, so I blocked ‘her’ on WhatsApp and deleted the ad on Gumtree.

Gumtree responded to my message to their help service saying that this phishing attempt was doing the rounds, and that they never communicate via WhatsApp, nor have any involvement with payments but are just a classified ads service for private transactions.

This message is to be very vigilant, more so than I was on this occasion!


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Farewell Mike, our long serving friend and fellow golfer

It’s with great sadness that we hear of Mike’s death yesterday in Addenbrooke’s.  He’s a great loss to the club, where he served many years as President then for a while as cover Chairman.  He’d also been Seniors Captain in recent years, adding to this and all other roles, his own brand of repartee, humour and, above all, good honest common sense.

Mike had said a few months ago that his days were numbered, victim of his earlier smoking habit and giving a warning that the body has a nasty habit of not forgetting, despite having given up many years ago.

It was good to see him still coming to the club house recently, with the same unconquerable spirit and no obvious indication of the pain he was under.

Undoubtedly one of RGC’s most respected and delightful members.  He was one of my earliest acquaintances, going back to the 1970s, and always a bit of a lad in the nicest possible way.

You’ll be greatly missed by all who knew you, Mike.

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Winter League Completed in Mid Summer!

Funny old times for the last three months as Covid19 has taken its toll on golf, like everything else.  Potentially the worst legacy will be Saturday AM start times, which we may need to badger about again, perhaps joining forces with the other regular groups.

Still, we finally got to complete the Winter League, with the final round in the continuing good weather unfamiliar for normal such Refos comps.  On the day it was The Good Doctor W and Paul D who scooped the honours, each with glorious 39 points, then bruv Lance with 38 for a comprehensive Daniells family win.

Buggered if I can get the full list of results again from Vpar.  Saw it once and not since but I know Arthur continued his steady form with 34 while I nipped in a place above alongside someone else, as I recall.

No change in the top places with the door wide open for Mark or Andy to knock off scores they’d normally clear by a stretch.

So the Winner of Winter League 2019-20 is Andy by one point from Mark!!  Small in stature, big in heart, and huge power to weight ratio.

Bit of a gap to Arthur in third, well deserved.

Never far from top spot it’s Mark who cruised to yet another A Eclectic win with equivalent of gross 13 under.  Pete L and Andy in joint second with 62.

Knew there had to be a Mowatt in there somewhere, yes, Jonathan there with 65 from Paul  D and David W with 36.  There may be howls of protest from Paul and David cos of their stonkingly good final rounds but I didn’t see full cards so couldn’t put them through my calc-machine, dragged out of retirement.

May still pop out the occasional Refosnews Observation on our golfing world, we’ll see.


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Sounding the Last Post for Refosnews!

It is now 10 years since Richard and I conceived the Refos leagues for Summer and Winter months.

Richard developed a reporting system on Excel and I then took it a stage further by recreating it as an Access database – partly to get more facilities and partly ‘cos I enjoy a bit of programming. The reporting has evolved with addition of eclectics in particular, recently split into two divisions to spread the winnings a bit, best scores on front, back and overall, etc.

The leagues have been well supported and I think enjoyed, so well worth the weekly hours needed for the calculations and reporting involved.

I feel it’s now time to pass the baton to someone else, perhaps giving the opportunity to develop some new ideas.

The Refosnews website runs on WordPress which does have ongoing running costs that I haven’t been passing on. So I really appreciated your generosity, initiated by Danie in particular, in paying for my and Hilary’s dinners at the last two presentation evenings. I’d also mention that big thanks need to go to Neil S for allowing me in recent years to move the hosting of the website from a paid provider to his private server, all free of charge and leaving just the domain name costs remaining.

The last few weeks of lock down have done two things amongst countless others, the obvious one being to offer an extended break from reporting. The other has seen the emergence of WhatsApp as a free alternative with one huge advantage, that of making for far more interactivity. This is something the WordPress comments system never seemed to achieve.

We also have some clear WhatsApp experts amongst us, judging by the constant streams of postings, from one person in particular! will stay around for a while and I’ll put this message onto it as a sign-off. There are quite a few subscribers who have long since left the club haven’t unsubscribed so continue to get each new message. The site will then quietly leave the stage.

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Launch of Corona League!

Are we down-hearted – No!  Sixteen intrepid golfers turned out for the start of the Corona League.

Conditions were really tough and the virtual green staff had to enlarge the holes so much there were an astounding 32 birdies!  Don’t expect this each time as the word is they’re working hard to get the greens back to normal.

Fast out of the blocks were Mark and Jonathan (no surprises there!) with 34 virtual points, closely followed by Paul D with his magic putter and 5 birdies. Extra claps for the Good Doctor for getting 4 birdies.

Sorry, Mark and Jonathan, you’ll have to share the e-loo-roll prize, so no squabbling who gets first go.

Each round promises to offer new challenges so don’t think repeating your e-scores will guarantee the same results next time!

Entries for the next round will close on Wednesday, so get scoring again!



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Corona League

Dear All

I’m suggesting creation of a ‘virtual league’ while we’re off proper golf.

The simple procedure will be to choose a number from 1 to 9 for each hole and put your card onto Refos Scores, so they don’t interrupt the flow of videos on the main Refos group.  A card will look something like this (spaces will make them easier to read and copy)

3 6 7   6 9 3  1 5 8  3 4 7  7 1 2  4 9 2  7 3 1

You don’t need to know this but the database will do an analysis behind the scenes

  • translate these ‘v-scores’ into normal Stableford points in the range 0 to 3, (or blob to birdie), so there’ll be more than one v-score for each level
  • there’ll be a different translation each time so the smart-asses won’t be able to remember that a 7 is a par, 5 a blob etc
  • I’ll state the weather conditions for each new round and change the allocation of points to reflect the difficulty; this might split between wind-with and wind-behind halves
  • the Stableford scores will appear in a Corona League that you’ll get by email as for normal rounds
  • each week’s winner will be receive a ‘v-loo roll’, and/or ‘v-hand-sanitizer’ for a birdie!

This is all conditional on enough people sending cards.  Anyone on the Subscriber list can enter, including Big Bruv Marsh in Adelaide.

Will decide on the frequency of rounds depending on responses, but at most weekly.

Get scoring, first round weather will be sunny and calm!

Scores by Sunday evening please so I have some time to work out and test the process.

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Arthur comes good as the doom gathers

Great controlled golf from Arthur, continuing a steady streak in recent weeks.  Nothing too flash, just steady scoring.  No winners’ pot or birdies because of unusual circumstances of clubhouse being closed and people going straight home.

Andy next with 32 and then Jonathan with 31, after that nothing above 29 showing how tough the condition were.  Having the wind the other way round took its toll on the normally easier back 9.

With the lock-down we are left with just one round to go in the League, and Andy and Mark separated by 1 shot.  I suggest we hold things over until we can next play, and allow the two of them to battle it out for the cup in proper manner. Would be a shame for it just to be a walk-over.

The A eclectic is pretty much a done deed with Mark so far ahead and keeping the title yet again.  Bit more competition in the B eclectic, with Jonathan ahead by a single shot and a few in close attendance.

So that’s it for the foreseeable future as we hear that all courses are to be closed.  Can’t understand that but for sure Joe Public would be up in arms if we continued playing, despite social distancing and getting needed exercise.

Happy lock-down, everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, we’ll meet again some sunny day.


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Colin storms back

Just two single-pointers for Colin as he puts in a masterful performance for a clear win with gross 78, and 41 points split 20, 21 and a birdie on 15.

Andy and Mark keep going head to head with 38 each for joint second.  Gary’s card looked like a profile of the Alps with three of the peaks yielding birdies, big wow for the one on 9, matched only by the young maestro.

The front and back nine best score made it look as though it was easy, alas the advancing years of some of us.

Despite the bar chat between the League top dogs there’s a change in the lead as Andy advances by 6 to Mark’s 4 to top the table.  Just 2 rounds to go!

Mark opens up a huge gap in the A Eclectic as a result of a whopping 19 birdies (beware your amateur status!).

And Jonathan holds onto a slender lead in absentia.  Thinks, just 5 birdies in each of the last two rounds might just do the trick for me.

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Mark – my word

Our infant prodigy does it again. Apart from winning, a second eagle in a row on 18.  In fact the last three holes in 9 shots!  No names, no pack drill for the highest scorer over these three but don’t lose heart Martin.

In Mark’s wake (don’t worry, he still lives and kicks so don’t rush for the black ties) came James with 34 and Gary with 33.

A few cards missing( eg those for Pete, Colin and Henry) but can add them as and when.


Mark’s surge of 4 birdies has swept him into top position in the League, leaving three rounds for the pack to catch up.


In fact it’s getting to be a Westwood cavalcade as he knocks two off his A Eclectic aggregate to stand 3 clear of Pete, with Andy one further back.

No real change in the B version, with absent Jonathan still 3 clear.

Just to put last week’s 5 stalwarts’ minds to rest, their scores are in the database. Bit of tidying up of scores and totals needed but without changing the winners, as below.

And Paul D, your glorious 21 from the week before are now safely recorded for you to enjoy in later life.

Buried in the above note there are three weeks to go for the League!

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