No end to the gales, Lance wins but doesn’t advance

Seriously tough out there again. The only good thing, it put off the early group usually ahead of us, so nice and quick. Pete and Gary round in 2.5, next group 3, next a bit more …

And it’s Lance who nicks it with 33 points in those grim conditions, proving the handicap adjustment’s no bother. Then Arthur, Gary and James in joint second with 32 points.

Lowest birdie count in living memory.

Conditions against the pretenders to the League throne, leaving Lance two ahead of Pete, and three ahead of Jonathan, with 2 rounds to go. Quick mention that Pete is Seniors Winter League champion! Looking for the double, so watch out boys.

As over the last umpteen weeks, looks like a done job for Mark in the Eclectic – yet again.

Couple of off-piste results to report, Phil today getting a 2 on the 12th, and Richard finishing eagle, birdie on the 17th, a few rounds ago.

And, can’t resist!

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The wanderer returns – Trev back in winning ways!

Quick delve into the archives shows the also time Trev was in the winners’ enclosure was April 2016, then November 2015. Can this really be right!

He’s even gone off to Aruba to celebrate. Does things in style our man. Anyway, enough of the eulogies, a score of 38 points in a big field of 18 for the Hospital Cup was enough to clinch it, helped along by 3 birdies! ‘Course, Danie had to go and show whose boss with 4 birdies in a (for him) paltry 27 points.

Ever classy Mark takes second with 36, gross 76, two birdies. Ignoring a blow-up on the 4th got to allow him his only 6 on the 9th, itself a blimmin achievement in that wind. Got to be a wind turbine in Therfield to change a forecast 20 mph wind into a raging 40 mph round the corner there.

Irrepressible Pete in 3rd with 35, just showing that knocking shots off two or three times in a go just needs a bit of extra attention.

20 birdies in all! Getting one didn’t even ensure getting your money back.

The League is brewing up nicely, just 3 points separating the top trio, all now off reduced handicaps but each with a 33 to knock off, in fact two for Lance and Jonathan as we enter the last three rounds before the Spring Recess.

Three horse race

Not fair to say the Eclectic is dead boring in comparison, Mark looking to have had it stitched up from the early days. Just the record total to go for now, short of some miracle from the following pack. Quick comment on Lance’s exalted total – ever vigilant Pete pointed to an error going back to November, where Lance was credited with 6 birdies instead of 0. Sorry mate, you’re back to the land of mortal men but still one in the lead. Bloody computers, or bloody silly programmers.

Mark out of sight?
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Colin returns!

Been a while out of the spotlight but our golf score archivist Colin gets back to winning ways. Good solid scoring and back to reality after last week’s extravaganza, gross 79 for 39 points.

Another from the history folder

Welcome back to our year-round shorts man Paul, proving that a daily dog walk keeps the cold at bay. Very solid scoring again for 81 gross and 37 points, to tie with ever consistent Richard who scored gross 77 to be low scorer of the day.

It’s a bugger when you have your best round for months and playing to handicap doesn’t get you a mention. Except here Trev, you know who your friends are. Same for Simon B, but a bit more a qualifier for the divvying up.

Well, the League heats up. Lance’s exploits of last week put him 4 ahead (won’t mention today’s score, mate) of resurgent Jonathan, who took a misdirected week off as we enter the home straight. Then Pete pins his ears back to be just one further back.

Looks like a 3 horse race with 4 to go, all having a couple of lowish scores to knock off.

Different story in the Eclectic with Mark having set his stall out in the earliest rounds of this season and consistently knocks a couple more off to get within popping distance of the low score record.

Just look in passing at Lance’s birdie total of 21! That’s an average of 1.24 per round, thing of dreams.

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Lance comes to the boil, again

Blimey, take a week’s holiday and everyone goes berserk, particularly Lance, who goes completely loopy.

You don’t do things by half mate, 8 better than handicap (whew, now down to sensible levels) for 44 points, lala land. And that without a birdie, for once. Well done indeed, breaking 80 with a few to spare.

One from the archives

PDG from Pete too, must have thought it was in the bag with gross 75 for 42 points. Within reach of top spot too, just a shaky start and a double on 11. Then Jonathan, back in form with 41 for third place, still dizzy heights.

Poor Phil, 39 points for not a sausage, nor a birdie to pay his way. Typist’s dream score, all 4s and 5s, a rest for arthritic fingers.

I’ll leave the rest for next week’s post since the computer has already done the updates for the tables.

Stats for the day
Best Front 9 : Lance with 23, from Phil with 21 and Pete with 20
Best Back 9 : Pete with 22, from Lance and Jonathan with 21
Best Gross : Mark with 74 (brilliant but all for nothing) from Pete with 75 and Lance with 77

6 players below 80, everyone over 30 points, all that after a foggy start.

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Addenda – missing card

Well spotted Phil, missed one of the cards from yesterday. These are the updates, with Pete joining the winners on 37.

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Good day for Refos, good day for Phil, just

Fifteen out on a day that varied from warm and sunny in the shelter of the trees to a bit parky round the ninth.

Tough at the top as four came home with gross scores of 81 and 82 in the Medal to share Refos first place with 37 points. Phil just nicked the Medal win on a countback from Simon C and Arthur, with Simon B’s economy drive excluding him from the club list.

Then two on 36 to not get a penny, and three on 34, all in the ‘if only I’d’ category of golf woe.

5 Refos in Medal top 8
9 out of 15 on 34 or over

Getting a bit exciting in the League with 5 rounds to go, as Lance hits top spot and Arthur moves up to join Jonathan in second. Time for another rip-snorter Jonathan! Or a handicap beater for ever-steady Arthur!

We all know what comes next as Mark’s stranglehold remains in the eclectic. But look at Lance’s birdie total! Haven’t scored that many in the last 5 years.

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Resuming after snow break, gale instead

This was sitting as a draft from a week ago, sorry chaps, good intentions thwarted by leaking brain cells.

A day for the hardy, blimey what a wind! Nothing better than 7 on the 9th, says it all, straight into the teeth of it. And nothing better than 29 points. Missed opportunity to boost the pension fund, Danie, word has it you were 3 over in your knockout match.

Back amongst normal mortals it was a 4-way on 29 between Arthur, Pete, Martin and Martyn.

No change in the top 3 places in the League, Jonathan taking another breather in his quest for a debut win.

Nudge forward by Phil in the Eclectic, in pursuit of Mark, who felt obliged to wimp out today. Not a bad idea but everyone who did appear seemed to feel the better for it, particularly the club house bonhomie.

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… and 26 January, Lance’s turn

No holding our first edition of the twin brothers as Lance hits the big time again with a stunning 42 points. And, it goes without saying, yet another birdie. Bit tough on the young maestro Mark as he plays his socks off for just second place despite gross 73, thing of dreams for us oldies. Nothing higher than 5 and three birdies, true class.

Couple of paces nearer the top spot for Lance in the league, and beginning to look like a 3-horse race with Arthur a couple behind Lance, in turn a couple behind Jonathan.

No change in the eclectic as Mark holds a formidable lead over Lance, Phil and Richard. Lance’s birdie total is as much as all 10 of our individual totals at the bottom of the table.

Course closed today, will have to see what the next few days bring.

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Backlog catchup 1 – 19 January

As I headed off to the slippery slopes of Austria the carrier pigeon brought tidings of great joy for James as he once again dominated and maintained the steady flow of Refos funds into the Mowatt coffers.

Great stuff James, cracking back nine of 3 over, to add to a pretty solid start. Pity about the lapse of concentration on the 9th that resulted in a DQ. Silly really because one possible provision in the new rules was to allow a player to pick up after passing the net-double-bogey threshold. Makes a lot of sense as no fun being able to extricate yourself from a bunker, say, or firing five drives off the 11th, Colin style.

Good Mowatt backup as Jonathan gets joint second with Arlo and the good Doc. Jonathan’s recent scores are like our alpine ski resort, big peaks and deep valleys.

These are the other two results, more comment next time.

Eclectic. Steady on Lance, may have to tell the taxman about all those birdie winnings

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Desperate Dan strikes again

No stopping our man Dan as he puts together another round most of us can only dream of. One 5 and the rest 3s and 4s, 3 under going out, 3 under coming back, gross 68, running out of superlatives, marvellous stuff. Oh, and 4 birdies just to supplement the weekly wage.

You’d have thought 37 points would give you a free passage but no, one more needed for a second place tie as some of Danie’s magic rubs off on playing partner Andy, and Phil maintains the South African link. Sorry Arthur and Pete, your 37s remain great achievements on a chilly, windswept day.

And Arthur moves into serious contention in the league as Jonathan treads water and each of the top three has a few low scores to knock off.

Mark has a well directed birdie to move a notch further ahead in the eclectic, a step nearer to his own record low score.

Gonna have to leave you for the next couple of weeks as Hilary and I head off to the snowdrifts of Austria. Keep the cards coming and who knows, there may be an opportunity to assemble the next weekly report.

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