Paid for Summer League

This is my list of who’s paid entry money.

Still time for Arlo, Arthur, Danie, Davids R and W, Martin, Pete G, Simon B and Walter.

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Mike and David M hog the headlines

Nice to see Mark C again, always welcome mate.

Medal day and the rough taking its toll.  No excuse for taking 4.5 hours though, adding to an extra half hour of waiting on the tee.  Refos not guilty but some definite suspects up ahead, again.

A day for patience and keeping it going straight.   Says something when Colin’s count of two blobs was the lowest of the group, the highest being 6.

Only 14 cards received, Arthur’s missing.  Joint winners were Mike and David M with 33 points, Mike’s scores going from net 9 over to net 2 under – explain that one, those two as part of 17 points out, 16 back.  Same scores for David M but a more limited range of +7 to -1.

Phil in third place with 32 but defying comparisons by clocking up a couple of NRs.

At this early stage Pete leads the League by being the only one with three scores.  Will need to adjust last week’s score Pete ‘cos the card’s gone missing.

Bit too early to get stuck into eclectics but the scores are in the database, have no fear.

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James Coming Back

Just heard that James M is going to rejoin – in fact double dose because his brother is joining too.

Will be good to see him back!

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First of Summer league, Simon fast out of the blocks

Glorious spring day for the start of the Summer League 2018, including Bill & Ben as late entrants.

Stunning start by Simon with a 20-20 score worthy of Specsavers. Just three single-pointers among the 2s and 3s, even a 4 for a birdie on 7.  Always said that swing was worthy of a low handicap, so today’s effort will be a step in the right direction. The result obviously led to a spurt in hair growth.

The day’s stats
Best front 9 : Simon C and David W with 20
Best back 9 : Simon C and Pete L with 20
Best gross : Simon C with 79 from Pete with 82

Now here’s a question for you all – who else paid me ‘cos I seem to have an unassigned tenner, which is a change from moans that ‘I paid you ages ago’.  Receipts to be issued when the missing beneficiary is identified and awarded with a tick in the second column.


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Fixture with the Ladies?

Dear all

Sandra Williams has suggested we resurrect the annual Refos match with the Ladies.  this used to be a very popular occasion in the days of Siobhan, jean Cook and others but faded away when a number of the key people left the club.

Sandra could get 6 to 8 so who’d be interested?  I thought the end of April would fit in easily as it’s before we start the Summer League.

The questions are

  1. Interested Y/N
  2. Meal after Y/N
  3. Just the players for the meal or include partners Y/N

Answers asap would be helpful.


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Journey’s end, Colin arrived ages ago

Last round in the Winter League and a glorious win for Colin, who set his stall out in the good weather before Christmas and then coasted home.  Bit of drizzle to start but then becoming an acceptable morning of almost no wind.

A tie for first place between Simon B and David M with 35 points, Simon’s made of a good sprinkling of 3 pointers and one blob, and DM’s a procession of ones and twos until near the end.

So Colin is champ of the Winter League 2017-18 with a cracking average of 36.75 over his 8 qualifying rounds.  His total of 294 was 2 better than the winning scores in the previous two winter leagues, very well done.

David M was second, 16 back, just hanging on as Simon B put in a late surge of scoring to just miss out by 1.

Colin also held on to win the Eclectic by a single shot from Andy, streets ahead on birdie count.

And a 3-way tie in the handicap version between Andy, Colin and Lance.

So that’s it until the summer league starts up on 5 May, when we hope the weather will have taken a turn for the better.  Let’s have a good turn out then as it’s a shame when people don’t join in, this being far cheaper than the costs of entering the club competitions over the same number of weeks.

Will provide some stats for the rounds played this time, maybe with a suggestion for providing some encouragement for the higher handicap players, who faithfully turn out and pay out each time.

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Round 18 – Simon

Back to Saturday golf after last week’s snow had closed the course.  This winter just won’t go away but at least today was calm and pretty mild.

Go reason for us to see lots of good scores, with Simon B heading the field with 40 points.  All good stuff with a few bits of good fortune thrown in, seven three-pointers, just three one-pointers and the rest pars or par equivalents.

By my reckoning, David W should also have had 40 points but the card says birdie 3 on the third for 3 points.  Can’t get access to handicaps on the club website but my last record says 15, which would have meant 4 points.

Phil and Richard next with 38 points, Richard going over 5 shots only the 14th but eagling the 15th to make up for it.  Phil scored on every hole and also had a four-pointer, on the 14th.

Colin still out of sight in the league, with a few in contention for second place.

Colin also holding onto the lead in the eclectic, with Andy in close attendance.

Lance, Colin and Andy share the lead in the handicap eclectic table.

Just next week to go before the end of the Winter League, so still a few things to be sorted out.

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Skipped a few, now Round 17 and Phil’s back

Thanks to Gary for filling in first time, then the weather intervened.  Back now to something like Spring and 15 out to celebrate and take advantage of fewer people being out ahead so a nice quick round.  Good to see Muddy Paws Man back in shorts and polo shirt, maybe a bit premature though.

Good day for Phil, cleaning up with 38 points in the Hospital Cup, despite two 7s but compensated by a total of 10 pars.  Nice of you to change your shirt for the photo.

Then a couple of 37s from the non-leaguers Danie and Richard (no card), Danie doing his usual magic in the shape of 4 birdies.  His genius knows no bounds apart from the occasional ones to the left of the first.

Colin still in the clear in the league, and now all but out of sight for the following pack.

Andy has caught up in the eclectic …

… and Lance and Andy take up the running in the handicap version.

Stats for the day :

Best gross  –   guess who with 74 (assuming a double on 5), from Mark with 70
Best front 9  –  Phil with 20 from Mike with 19
Best back 9  –   Danie with 21 from Andy with 20
No blobs  –  Mark, Pete and Andy

Just 3 rounds to go now in the Winter League so every point counts!


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Round 15 – Heading for spring

Cold to start and some frozen greens still.  But the woollies started coming off half way round except for Martyn who had them off from the start, one outfit for all four seasons.

Rare win for your  humble correspondent with 36 including (NB Bruv in Adelaide, another par on the 9th).  In fact a real purple patch of 24 points in 9 holes from the 7th, helped along by a zinger of a birdie on 10.  No camera available so a view of enjoying the ski slopes in Samoens.

Moment of reflection going down the 8th when I hit one of my best drives only for Andy to go 60 yards past despite a slight draw into the light rough, then Pete to go a further 15 yards straight on.  Old age doesn’t come alone eh.

Pete and Walter in second with 31 then three on 30 but the last nine not reaching the third decade.

Colin still miles ahead in the league …

… less of a mile ahead in the Eclectic

… but the pack gathering at the top of the handicap eclectic

But less pressure in the Net Birdies count

The day’s stats were

Best front nine  :  Andy with 17 from David M with 16
Best back nine :   David M with 20 from Lance with 19
Best gross  :  David M with 84 from Richard with 85
No blobs  :  Mike and David M

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Round 14 – Roll on Spring

Report from Gary on a day that took its toll on scores.  Looks like the new 54 handicap limit mightn’t be a bad idea …

A very cold and frosty day resulting in a trolley ban. The aforementioned points reduced the 17 turn-out to 15 starters.

With the ground so hard and wind & rain increasing as the morning progressed, there were no scores better than handicap (or even close).

31 pts was good enough to see Andy & Simon B top the class, Pete L in 3rd, one point behind.

Only 4 birdies suggests the greens were giving nothing away.

Some debate about Martyn’s handicap. 17 proposed, but the club website says 16.

Richard’s score seems to have gone AWOL!

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