Order, order

Chaps, would appreciate a few things to make my life easier in entering scores onto the database.

  • identify which Paul, which Simon and any other pairs with same names
  • add current handicaps (most do)
  • have your card appear vertical, not horizontal as there’s no rotate button in WhatsApp and I have a stiff neck
  • be clear who’s who  –  Mark’s card had Danie as Marker but the scores were Andy’s
  • make sure the photo of the card is clear – the one with Richard and the other two was very blurred and needed a bit of sleuthing
  • there are often mistakes in points allocations, which the database picks up; sometimes the money is misallocated

Many thanks


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Colin’s back

Looks to have been a difficult scoring day but Colin showed what’s possible with a level-par round, to win with 36 and a good sprinkling of scores of 4 or less. Andy, Richard and Arthur next with 32. Needed another dip into the archives to find the pic.

Tight at the top of the league, with Andy zooming up to join Jonathan at the top.  All sounds a bit familiar over the last few seasons but watch out for Mark with a 27 to knock off and Arthur on a steady run of scores.

Several nibbles off eclectic scores in the A group, but Mark still holding firm.

Jonathan looking good in the B group, and with a healthy birdie count.


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Andy back at the top

Great round of 40 points by Andy, snipping away nicely at the handicap and now well into the elite of single-figure men.  Quick look back at 2015 records shows a handicap of 16 so at that rate it’ll be scratch by 2028.  Had to dig into the archives for a photo so maybe weekly winners could get someone to supply up to date ones each time.

Mark and Pete next with 37, keeping up their flows of solid rounds.  News on the grapevine about Pete shooting the lights out with the Seniors and getting back to 8.

Will leave the reporting there because there’s another round to come.




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Note that the editorial staff will be away for the next two Saturdays, answering the call of the Swiss mountains and ski resort of Adelboden.

Send the score cards as normal and they’ll be processed asap thereafter.

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Follow up to Saturday’s post

Kim Bradfield kindly emailed following last Saturday’s report.  She was surprised that Stuart Steverson had spoken to me about our decision to use the 7th and 9th as alternative starting holes, saying that none of the ladies had commented or complained about it.

I explained that it was driven by the unusually high number of people wanting to start at the same time and that the congestion will ease when the days to start to lengthen.

If we do need to use alternative starting holes it’s important that we show courtesy to players who may then be held up.  I’m very pleased that we did exactly that on Saturday.

PS to Jonathan, your winner’s picture is now on the website, sorry I forgot to add it.  It was good to get the feedback about recent posts not including such photos because the only comments that normally arrive are about incorrect scores!

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Keeping it in the family

And it’s that name Mowatt at the top again, this time Jonathan.  Did witness the 41 points and have to say it was very impressive, 19 out despite a couple of 7s, then a 4 pointer, two 3s and six 2s.

Tough on Arthur to get his best score for quite some time, only to be pipped by 1 point but with the satisfaction of breaking 80.  Then Andy trotted in with 38 just to show it’s tough at the top.

Top man Danie played to his formidable 3 handicap for nothing more than a triple birdie winnings.  Still nice to have with a total field of 22 players or thereabouts, no cards provided for the extras.

19 needed to appear in the best front/back nine scores, and under 80 for the gross. How come y’all make it look so easy!

Jonathan surges back to the top of the League, watch it mate, you’ll be organising another Refos dinner at this rate.  Arthur’s round popped him back up the table to second place, with the peleton in hot pursuit.

Beginning to sound like a cracked record as far as the eclectics go,

A few people asked about Stuart Steverson’s conversation with me after we’d used three starting tees because of the large numbers queuing ahead of us at the first.  He’d had a comment about this from the early-bird ladies but I made it clear we’d quickly let the immediate pursuers through.  Fact is the split start did get everyone round pretty smartly and it’s something we may have to keep doing if the Saturday morning numbers continue to build.

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Jonathan on a roll – still

The Mowatt name figures regularly in these reports and this time Jonathan romps home by 3 clear points, never mind the couple of blobs which three birdies comfortably mopped up.  Colin in second with 36 before nipping off early, then Trev, James (yes Mowatt!) and Mark in joint third with 35.  The mild conditions brought the expected good results, along with the pretty true and surprisingly fast greens.

The deadly duo headed the tables for best out and best back, with Mark, as ever, showing who’s really the boss with yet another score in the 70s.

Quick excuse me in the League as you know who rise to the top of the pile, with Pete and Lance in close attendance.  Late entrant Richard’s looking poised for a takeover bid though, with Arthur and Mark straining on the leash too.

Watch out Mark in the big boys’ eclectic, ‘cos Pete’s on your heels and Lance only needs another crop of birdies to make a move.

Salutary thought that Mark’s score today would on its own have put him ahead of us bottom-feeders in the B version.

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Missed coming again, dammit, short-term affliction.  Not the same affliction that stopped WordPress accepting the charts last time but also short-term, with a quick fix hot on the heels of the last update.

Some pretty good scoring, with James and Pete L leading the field with 36, Pete also getting best gross score with 78.  Arthur continuing his steady streak for third with 34, enough to get him to the top of the league.

And here’s the League, all a bit tight at the top but getting to the knock-off stage.  A few looking handy for a surge.

And the eclectics stand like this

Happy Christmas all!


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14 Dec, Winter Drawers On

Cold and miserable until we arrived back, then blue skies.  Sod it.

Lance in fine form in the horrible conditions, 36 points and consecutive birdies to finish the round off, and no hole score over 6.  Mark in second with 33 after a cracking level-par front nine and consecutive birdies on 2 and 3.  The purest might say the chip in on the 2nd was fortunate but no doubting the quality of the 3rd.  Arthur’s card added up to 32 not 33, so joint third with Gary. Steward’s enquiry?

Mark led two of the three stats, with Gary taking best back 9.  Start of the revival?

The recent WordPress update has a bug that’s preventing the League table from uploading, more when it’s resolved.  The headlines are that Lance takes over the lead with 190 after 6 rounds, from Arthur and James with 189.

… same problem for eclectics, and don’t have time this evening to chase around for fixes.  Headline is that Mark leads with 66 from Pete and Lance with 68.  And Paul H leads the B version with 71 from Gary 0n 73.




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Forgot to mention two things using my version of Maths

  • Andy’s card added up to 35
  • Arthur was denied a point
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