Start of Winter League 2019 – Jonathan quick out of the blocks

Welcome to Paul H, aka Muddy Paws, very apt for the time of year.  Hope you enjoy playing with Refos even if you haven’t yet subscribed to see this message

Lovely to see all those ready £10 notes appearing for the league, without prompting.  It would be really good if everyone signed up – any response about not having a chance to win for time/other reasons just puts such people in the same category as those of us who enter the weekly comps and see hardly a bean.

Anyway, Jonathan shot out of the starting blocks, winning with 35 on a surprisingly tricky day.  That despite 4 blobs, compensated by two birdies for huge numbers of points.  Mark, Lance and Gary in joint second with 34.  Great score of 78 gross from Mark, steady as ever, and a remarkable set of scores from James, all 4s or 5s except for two holes.

No cards for Danie, Henry and Colin.  Few more ticks to go into the Paid column, thanks to Andy, Arlo and Pete for their transfers.



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Summer League Positions

Didn’t include this in the report, just carried away by Andy’s brilliance.

One more report to follow soon, ‘where you money went’, aka Refos Rich List.


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Andy Rules!

Almost safe to have said last week that Andy was out of sight, and so he was.  Don’t seem to have a card for him but it makes no difference as we crown as Summer League Champion 2019.  Very well done, and so few rounds played! Has to be one from the photo album, sorry, marginally less hair now?!

For lesser mortals it was a pretty difficult day, with a keen wind but at least in the traditional Refos direction. Or nearly, didn’t ever quite help.  Think there were a couple of cards not handed in, probably Danie on another birdie raid, and Mark.

Best of the day from the available cards were James, Arlo and Pete. Pete’s now sporting a 7 handicap, really well done! Product of two good rounds leading, to an Exceptional Scoring Reduction.  His 78 shows he’s man enough for the job!

Mark was never to be caught in the A Eclectic

And James held on manfully to win the B version

So that’s it until November 2nd, bit of a sabatical for me, and now two Refos Prize-givings to be celebrated.

Someone must have the trophies so getting them back would allow them to be inscribed anew.

Signing off for now, your humble Ed.


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Andy almost stitches it up

More brilliance from Andy, with another 37 points and gross 79.  All very tidy, just four 1-pointers and the rest  twos and threes, and no score higher than 5 on the way back.  Good to see Arthur in second with 36, just one off scale and one 1 pointer.  Lance in 3rd with 35 and habitual dip into the birdie money.

Arthur and Jonathan were best out, Lance and Andy best back, and Mark best gross by 1 form Andy.

Andy’s only played 12 rounds in this league season but his ten best are enough to top the table by a stretch!  James is the only possible contender at 12 back, and Mark is away for next week’s last round before I ask HM to prorogue Refos for a month.

Cracked record job on the eclectics, with Mark all but out of sight in the A version …

… but James still catchable  in the B version with a bit of inspired putting.

Request from Mike for an amendment to my suggestion for Medal day events, which was that everyone had to have entered the club event to qualify for the payout.  His alternative was that everyone has to mark a Medal card , even if not entering the main event, with the divvying up based on net scores not points.  Answers on a postcard, please, or via Whatsapp.

It’s all getting to point where we need to have a Refos Constitution, with defined rules!


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Andy strikes

72.5 years ago. The handicap has improved a bit since then, but not by that much.

We gave Andy the prize today for his fine score of 79 gross, 37 points.  This was with a couple of birdies and otherwise very tidy golf.  But by my reckoning Jonathan had the same 37 not the 36 reported, with a final 5 being worth 2 not the 1 on the card. Lance in third with 35, regular visitor to the prize money.

Lance best going out with an enormous 22, Jonathan and Birthday Boy best with 19  coming back, and Andy best gross with 79.

With a fair amount of recent chat about Refos rules I do think in Medals everyone should enter the club comp or not participate in the prizes. Medals do bring extra pressures, with every shot counting.

Giant leap up the league table by Andy as predicted, with an 8 point improvement on his previous lowest score.  Something dramatic needed for James, Mark and PinkSocks in the final two rounds. Could be a costly visit to the vet by Mark, in more ways than one.

But Mark looking really comfy in the Eclectic A.

One step closer for David M in the Eclectic B but a few contenders for the lead held by James.

Salutary thought that it’s taken many of us a whole season’s scores to match the Medal winner’s 66. Still, he’s only a young lad by comparison.

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Colin Copes

Very tidy round by Colin, five 3-pointers ont the way out, 3 more on the way back, and 39 points, gross 79 for a single point win.  Andy second with 78 gross and 38 points, just to prove the new 10 handicap is pretty comfy so single figures to come soon.

No card for Richard, whose on-course 36 points turned into 37 in the club house.  No card also for Henry and one other.

Colin and Andy topped the best scores in each direction, and Danie and Andy shared the best gross of 78, Danie just relying on birdies to ensure a profit on the day.

Definitely tightening up at the top of the league, with Mark joining James and Andy completing his 10 scores to zoom up to third place.  The Simons still in with a chance, given some solid scoring over the last three rounds of the season.

Mark and Simon B knock of one each in the eclectic A

No change in the eclectic B, James still 2 clear.

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Unstoppable Mark

Mark shines on a day that started a bit cool then got a bit windy. Lost ball on the first but only two dropped shots after that.  Just one birdie, come on lad, get your act together.  But brilliant stuff, well done.

David W and Lance in joint second with 33 points, one birdie on 17 for David and a whopping three for Lance on 3, 17 and 18.

On the day Mark was best on the front nine and overall by a huge amount, David M best on the way home.

Giant leap of 11 up the League for Mark, with James hanging on as we enter the last four rounds before the Autumn recess.  Andy could still do some damage with a couple of good rounds, so all to play for.

Mark stays totally in control of Eclectic A.

And James holds on to the lead in the B version.

As above, just 4 rounds to go!

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Memories, of the way we were

2012 players, from the archives.  Days when we played off 3/4 handicap too.

16 still remaining of the 23!



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Hot, hot, hot, weather and golf



First a welcome to Sarba, joining us for the first time and bringing a ready smile.  Hope to see you as regular.

Great scores by David W and Andy, both with 41, rewarded for keeping the ball going straight.  Lots of opportunities to get into thick rough, as a few of us will testify.  The heat must have got to the marker for early starters Andy and Simon, five holes where the points didn’t match the scores but the results came out right.

Storming 1-over par front nine by Andy, followed by 5-over back for gross 76.  Even better back nine by David with 4-over for 22 points.  Great stuff from Arlo too, 20 points out and 18 back, much more what we’d expect.

Andy and David top the day’s best lists

Andy looking good in the league too, second place on averages with one more round needed to get to the knock-off stage, with a 29 as the prime candidate.

  No change in the Eclectic A, Mark still able to take a week off.

Same in the Eclectic B with James holding on, just some movement up the table for the two Dr Ds.


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James Goes Berserk

Fantastic round by James under difficult conditions, enough to bring some mighty golfers to their knees.  Just 2 x 1 but 3 x 4 points, 21 out, 22 back, fantastic!

Amother solid performance from Simon B for second with 38, with 5 over on the way out, same on the way back, birdie on 5 and having to cadge a fag to keep body and sole together.

Colin and Lance next with 36, good steady stuff from each.

Pretty challenging conditions, with the Heathland appreciating all the recent rain and making the course’s naughty bits pretty naughty, leading to 5 LBs in our trio.

Not surprising to see James continuing the good work in the best scores  results, including best gross of the day, which says something with Mark in attendance, best out, best back, all round great stuff, well done!

Big surge up the league table by James, knocking off his lowest score by a whole 12 points to achieve an average score of 35 and give himself a comfy margin of safety for now.

One more off Mark’s total in the Eclectic A, moving him off into the sunset, with birdies galore.

Three off James’s total in the B version, and 3 extra birdies to make him a definite promotion candidate for next time.

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