James Goes Berserk

Fantastic round by James under difficult conditions, enough to bring some mighty golfers to their knees.  Just 2 x 1 but 3 x 4 points, 21 out, 22 back, fantastic!

Amother solid performance from Simon B for second with 38, with 5 over on the way out, same on the way back, birdie on 5 and having to cadge a fag to keep body and sole together.

Colin and Lance next with 36, good steady stuff from each.

Pretty challenging conditions, with the Heathland appreciating all the recent rain and making the course’s naughty bits pretty naughty, leading to 5 LBs in our trio.

Not surprising to see James continuing the good work in the best scores  results, including best gross of the day, which says something with Mark in attendance, best out, best back, all round great stuff, well done!

Big surge up the league table by James, knocking off his lowest score by a whole 12 points to achieve an average score of 35 and give himself a comfy margin of safety for now.

One more off Mark’s total in the Eclectic A, moving him off into the sunset, with birdies galore.

Three off James’s total in the B version, and 3 extra birdies to make him a definite promotion candidate for next time.

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Lance not suffering from wind

One of those fiercely windy days even before the Heath amplifier.  Lance full of beans without ill effect, winning with 33 despite a triple-bogey at the first, then pretty steady and in fact to handicap, with a birdie on the last to cap a good day’s work.  James in close attendance with 32 after a blistering birdie on the first followed by steady scoring.  Arthur and James next with 30, then everyone else showing the effects of battling the wind on the first half.

All reflected in the ‘day’s best’ results, with James best going out and Lance storming home with 20.  Pete and Lance the best of breed with 86 gross.

Simon slipping back with his last of ten qualifying scores, soon to be amended I’m sure, but leaving Mark in top place on average.  Could all get a bit tight as low scores are knocked off.

Not a day for changing the eclectic results, so cracked record stuff.

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Jonathan leads the league entrants

Good to see Jonathan holding it all together, 17 out then 20 back despite a bit of bad luck on the 16th that led to the only blob of the round.  No card for Richard but reportedly 37 points too.  Then Andy on 34 including 7 consecutive 4s from the tenth, and might have expected another 0n the last hole.

Jonathan best on the way out, Pete on the way back and Mark overall.

Simon C still holds the lead in the League, in absentia, with Mark poised for attack.

Mark comfortably ahead in the Eclectic A, and miles ahead in the birdie count.

James still in charge in the Eclectic B.




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Doc Rules Repeat

Rare occasion in my life, to report a win!  Thirteenth round of the Summer League, some question about the word Summer as we get soaked, is this what it takes?  Well that plus picking up tips from our Willowy Wonder, Richard.  Modest 15 out but 20 back, starting with a glorious birdie on 10.

Only just squeezed in aheard of Colin’s 34 and his altogether better round, similarly the 33s shared by Arthur and Simon C.  Apologies to the club for leaving a set of soggy seats after our departures to warm up and get into something dry.

Simon C holding onto top spot in the League after his ninth and Mark’s eighth round, both with titchy scores to knock off.  A lot could change with a few others still to get to ten and having some low numbers to beat.

Couple of well aimed birdies for Mark, turning up again to show us who’s boss after leaving a few chances to make hay in the Eclectic A.

Think I got it about right with the A-B split, James being the only one in the promotion zone.

Roll on summer …

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Doc Rules

Great to see David W back on top after a bit of an absence, 35 points despite two blobs but rescued by a well aimed birdie on a shot hole. Pete second with 33 and no fewer than 3 birdies at either end of the round.  Then Paul with 32, still to see the win that must be coming soon.

Pete getting two best-ofs, with Paul and David sharing the other one.

Bit of a glitch in the league average calc last time, for anyone with more than 8 completed rounds.  Legacy of the Winter League computational magic, now promotes to 10 qualifiers.

Cracked record commentary on the Eclectic A, Mark now taking another week with gay abandon.

Bit the same with Eclectic B as James nudges further ahead.

Great stuff from the genial Irishman in The Open and pleased to see Tommy hang on for second when he was starting to crumble a bit.  Great venue, more of a test than some of the American hit-it-anywhere courses.  Westwood L needs to come for a putting lesson with our very own Westwood M, more than good enough tee to green to have one lots of majors.


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Simon C shows the way

Great demo of how an elegant swing can bring its just rewards as Simon C wins the day with a controlled 38 points with barely putting a foot wrong. The second half was splendid, with 21 points adding to the 17 out, and a birdie on 10 helped to push the score along nicely.

Sorry Richard, your card added up to 19 points out, not the twenty submitted.  No arguing with the excellent 78 gross, 8 of which came on the ninth, alas.  Simon B shared this second place, also with 37 points and a birdie on the fifth, otherwise good steady stuff.

Pretty hot scoring on each half, Colin, Arlo and Simon getting 21, and Mark returning the day’s best gross of 75.

Four players now with 10 cards in, and at the stage of knocking off lowest scores in the League.  Simon C still ahead but with Mark poised for a challenge in second, and with a lower knock-off score in hand.

Mark’s birdie count notches up as he maintains some headroom in the A Eclectic.

No change in the B version, with James clear by 3.





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New look at the League

This maybe gives a better indication of how the league is going at this stage, before people reach the 10 qualifiers.  Will get column 10 back by next time.

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Jonathan tops the Refos bit of Captain’s Day

Well Captain Chris on a great event, with aperitif drinks on the 7th tee and the full whack at the 10th.  In a way it drew attention to the need for a handicap allowance limit in big events like this.  Starting with congratulations to the lad who scored 48 points to win it, his 31 handicap making it impossible for any regular comp entrant to get within spitting distance.

But, in Refos terms, well done to Jonathan yet again, winning our bit with 37 points, two clear of early starters Andy and Mark with 35.  After a triple at the first Jonathan slipped into gear  and didn’t fail to score on any other holes.  Great to see his steady improvement.

James’s 34 moved him even further ahead in the League, that with 2 rounds to go before he starts knocking off those lowest score – eek 33 each, there’s no hope for lesser mortals. His 21 points out set the bush telegraph running and opened up the prospect of a whopping big total score, just suffering a mini hiccup over the next 4 holes.

So, James topped the first half table, while Andy, Jonathan and Lance did best coming home.  Mark was top-dog with gross 76, churning out these scores in the 70s while the rest of us look on in admiration, Danie excluded (the only man without a tick!).

Mark also unassailable in the big-boys’ eclectic …

… and James still 3 clear in the B squad.

Maybe I can claim one bit of the headline after a third consecutive birdie on 18!  Crumb of comfort.

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Our favourite seagull

Well, on a rare visit to the UK our itinerant Trev swoops in to take the prize by a stretch. I make it 39 points not the declared 38, with three 3s, two 1s, rest all 2s on front nine, to make 19.  Great stuff on a hot and sweaty day, everyone looking a bit pink as we convened in the clubhouse afterwards.  What, no chips, tut, tut!

Ever steady James in second with 35, nothing more than 6 anywhere, then David W one back for third place.

Almost a clean sweep of best scores by Trev, inducing best gross shared with James, that’s one for the grandchildren.

James opens up the gap at the top of the League by 4 from Simon.  Think we’re going to have to get the engraver in to rename it the Mowatt Cup.  Keep an eye out for Simon C though, just needing two mediocre rounds to catch up.

Same old, same old with Eclectic A, Mark holding a big lead and able to take a week off.

Almost the same in Eclectic B except that Paul and YT close the gap on James by 1.




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Young maestro strikes again

Another great round by Mark, 73 gross for 38 points, equally split 19/19.  Three birdies no less, with one at the 13th, pure class.  Had it been you, Trev, you’d have played to your age.

Excellent score of 36 for Henry, untroubled by birdies, two 6s and everything else from 3 to 5. Similarly 36 for Mike and great to see him back on the podium for a share of third place and two birdies along the way.

Great set of best front nine, back nine and overall scores, course obviously much too easy for the elite.

Today’s score just enough to make James top of the league, one ahead of previous front runner Simon B.  Just beware of Simon C who’s averaging 35.2, so 2.5 higher than James.

Mark forging ahead in Eclectic A, with a record low score already there for the taking with some accurate targeting of birdie holes.

James well clear in Eclectic B, reaching the level par stage and 4 ahead of the followers.

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