1 August – From the Deputy Ed

Werl, confined to the bath chair but the golfing world goes on. Here’s the goss from Monsieur Le Chateau. Gadzooks, 45 points!

You need to know that this am (Ed : he means morning) there were 8 pretenders so we paired up and Colin the soon to be departed and I (Ed: MLC, not me) scrambled 45 points and scoopped a victory over our oppos, Pedro Law and Gary Hammooond who was in such a hungover state it was surprising he could see the ball let alone hit it. He did come on strongly at the end but by then we were safe and finished 3 up.

Arturo and the woodpecker bested Ricardo and Mike (Ed : details removed to protect the innocent, but ….) Colin huffed and puffed and OB’d so left me a rare chance to shine.

(Ed : re Soon to depart CC’s huff & puff email in response to this – ‘shot gross 75 for 38 points’; brilliant stuff mate. You know what MLC’s like, NFI about what’s going on half the time, but rest assured we do appreciate class and you’ll be sorely missed ya old tart)


So that’s it. Glad to report the gammy ankle is on the mend and may see your smiling faces on Wed, when the rearranged 4BBB KO takes place.  Will try to keep the Refos flag flying. Well done Art&Mart for putting up a good ol’ fight against the scratcher men, losing to a birdie on the last.

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