14 August – Have you heard the one …

… about the lady who called her parrot Onan ‘cos he kept spilling his seed on the ground?

Well, it all comes clear now after the latest thrilling chapter of the good book.

See, a bloke called Judah had 3 sons.
–  Er (bit of a ditherer so a pause for breath was named after him), the first son, married Tamar but got on the wrong side of big G who bumped him off
–  Onan, the second, was then ordered to ‘know’ Tamar but thought it a bit off to impregnate her so pulled out at lift-off, hence ‘spilling seed on the ground’; big G not amused, zap
–  last one didn’t count ‘cos too young

So Tamar thought up a ruse to dress up as a tart, and get Judah her dad-in-law to give her a seeing to without knowing it was her.
Final twist was that twins resulted. one stuck his arm out pre-birth to say Hi to the world. someone tied a pink ribbon round it to say ‘first born’, then back in it went. Bummer coming out second then.

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