22 April – ROFFOW Meeting

Prize offered for the killer acronym for Royston Five Fifteen On Wednesdays.
WET HAG – Wednesday twelve holes and Guinness
U COW – usual crap on Wednesdays
Modesty forbids – Several Holes And Guinness – or does that come later?
Please use (No) Comments for any flashes of inspiration – also for any feedback from the faithful flock.

Anyway, NINE out – is this an all time record?? This is it lads, make the most of these balmy evenings. More like this, warmer, and sitting outside and old Arf ur will be getting misty eyed again about the magic of the Heath.

Anyway, anyway, what’s this about The Therfield Thrasher? Royston’s answer to Susan Boyle and maybe on a countdown to down under? Popping this news out on first Wednesday appearance too – think what you’d be missing lad.


Footnote from the Business Guru, thought for the day: Accept that some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue

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