25 April

12 good men and true out for the Saturday romp on the heath.

Different format of 3 four-ball better ball, two prizes. Bit chilly for Comissar Cope, dusting off the dead animal headgear for an unseasonal outing. Turning quite warm on the back nine so back in the pram it went.

Trev quickly out of the blocks, ably supported by Nipper’s antics in keeping the oppos’ minds anywhere but on golf. Well done lads, 41 good enough to pip the 40 from the M&Ms.

Note to all: footie reigns next week so curry evening postponed to 13 May.


Thought for the day

Teacher : “Write a sentence to include the word contagious”
Child       : ” Dad’s just painted the kitchen with a 1 inch brush and it took the contagious”

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