26 April – Hastings Cup

Wow, summer’s cummin in. First sightings of shorts on the course.

6 representatives on duty. Hastings cup, handicap 10, net 66 for a 1066? Not quite, 1175 best offer.

What’s the max clubs can you carry – answer 14. How many did ya take on the 7th, Tony – answer 14. Talk us through it then – oh aye okay, decent drive, kicked into bunker; out ok, chip to left; flip over bunker nearly nearly perfect, hit top, back in; shot, shot ……… Hamlet cigar …… shot, shot, out!; 3 putts, hard cheese.

Sighting of the second cohort on the 8th. Bit slow going, so more than 2 pints behind, sorry lads, would have loved to chit chat.

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