27 March – Spring In the Air?

Bit wet, bit dry, bit sunny, bit cloudy. Spring progressing though, now due for more Wednesday Golf – yippee.

Pete’s The Man these days, that cruise did something for our C man, now hitting straight and long, keeping cool, scoring well. All that stuff for 38 today, could have been more.

Second up, our man Phil The Funny Hats. May not look the biz but the ball goes a bloody long way. Was it 36 today? (Update : no, make that 37). And four birdies!

Then our well spoken, never a blasphemy or profanity, Martin, with 35. That is apart from occasional reflections on life ranging from the C-word to the W-word. Whatever would Eileen say!

Alas poor Hanners! Get that back back lad, we need you on Tuesday.

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