30 March – Day out at Newmarket

Spring has almost sprung again and the first day out for a while. Seven participants for two rounds (Blakes 7) and hearty lunch; weather dry and bright-ish.

Malcolm and Pete L shared honours with Gary and Dr G in their morning fourball. Dr G took the morning stash with 35, Richard hot on his heels with 33.

The steak and ale pie alas ran to only three servings, so ham, eggs, chips and ale had to do for those denied.

Worried that Pete L needs the booze to play sensible golf – blistering 41 points in second round, leaving the rest gasping behind, Pete G and Trev managing a measly 36.

Great outing chaps, perhaps we can get organised a bit earlier next time as fourballs would be good. Gaza looks the man for the job – move over twinkle toes.

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