4 April – Big Fella Thanks

Did he fall at Becher’s – no. Did he fall at The Chair, no! Did he ace the sixth, yes !!
Well done Big Fella, twenty+ years of trying and it’s the dream shot. Eight iron straight and true, yard past, spun back into the hole! Or short, run up and in? Who cares, not how, how many. Just think, even Tiger Woods couldn’t beat that, so perfection achieved in golf and better looking too.

Whooping and hollering aside (thanks for the whisky btw) it’s Mr Basmati aka Lawman who reigns supreme again with 36. Feast of 13 birdies, 3 each to Han The Man (oh ay, soft cheese) and Dr G (your humble Ed).

Welcome return to the fold for Phil The Wilk. See what you’re missing lad!

Man rings ambulance in alarm – ‘my wife’s just collapsed; she’s looking white as a sheet; think she’s stopped breathing. what should I do”.
Ambulance man : Try not to panic, we need to make sure she’s dead”
Long silence then sound of gunshot.
‘Ok, done that, what do I do next?’

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