Day’s report by Gary.  Answer to the question was yes, biking back from Newark with two overnight stops and lots of hot sunshine.

Latest words and figures for Captain’s Day
Were you off cycling somewhere? Hope it went well.

So, with 18 players and only 5 start times allocated, somehow everyone managed to squeeze in without any obvious delay to the groups behind.

And it’s Martyn by a margin, coming from behind with a stunning 22 pts on the back nine for 38 total. Simon C & Danie finishing joint second, 3 points back.

Quick starter Mark failing to maintain his 22 pts outward nine, which included 4 birdies and a blob!

And a the back of the field, the response to “How did Colin play?” was “Put it this way, the sheep were shitting themselves”. Thanks to Simon B for that assessment.

Captain’s Day apart, these were the scores

And the league now looks like this, with Simon B completing his 10 and joining Lance in top positions.  It’ll need a good round from Arthur to join them but who knows what’ll happen in the knock-off stage.

Mark knocks off 3 in the eclectic and Danie 1 to move a bit clear in the eclectic.

And 3 off for Mark in the handicap eclectic to Lance’s 2 and Arthur’s 1 to make it a bit crowded at the top. Similar movements by the pack to keep in touch.


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