8 August – British Legionnaires

Coo, Indian summer descends for the faithful few. How about a REFOS open day to get new squaddies in to boost the waning throng? All suggestions treated seriously and in total confidence – your secrets are safe.

Anyway, Rich Man wasn’t Poor Man on this outing, striking it straight and true, give or take, for a winning 39, with 40+ there for the taking. Miserable opposition put up by The Stig and Dr G on 34, even more miserable by the rest of the pack.  

Don’t forget CC’s auf wiedersehen on 21 Aug, 3 pm on the tee, 8 pm at Thai Rack.

And, er, what about Autumn aka Spring, REFOS?? See Delilah’s been at work on the DR man, bald as a slightly hairy coot. Get organising mate.

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