A Word From Colin

Hi David,

Thanks ever so much for the photo.  It’s great to see everybody (except Woody).  I do miss all the characters at REFOS a great deal and think of you every Saturday evening – we are 13 hours ahead so just as I’m having a beer on a Saturday night I spare a few thoughts for you guys.

I would not be looking forward to getting stick from Pete over Spurs  recent performances, especially against Everton and Wolves.

I have now had a few rounds here, well 4, with differing results (mainly pretty rubbish).  I am hoping to make some improvements along the lines that many of you have suggested, especially slowing it down and getting some control over which direction I may set the ball off on.  But it’s not easy.

As I mentioned before, I have been doing a bit of surfcasting.  I attach a couple of pictures, one of which is one of the beaches that I go to.  They aren’t very busy as you can see.

Unmistakable - our lad down under

We had “shark week” on  TV last week and I have decided not to rush into kayak fishing given that you often see sharks at very close quarters.  They are mainly makos, hammerheads, threshers and bronze whalers.  They also get a lot of killer whales off the coast here.

I have not managed to get a job yet, and it does not look like anything will happen now until January.  Hopefully the economy will pick up soon.  I have been looking in the major cities: Auckland and Wellington, but Annette and the kids would like to stay here in the Bay of Plenty and having been here for a while I don’t blame them. The kids
have settled into school really well.  Ella (the 10 year old) can now ride a “snakeboard”  which is a bit like a 2 wheeled skateboard.  I helped out with her class today: they had a day at Ohope beach (really good flat safe beach with great surfing) learning to surf.  School was never liek that when I was a kid.  Holly (who has just turned 6) is
getting quite good at climbing trees.  So, getting back to the job situation, I may have to start a business down here –  not yet decided what yet so any reasonable suggestions welcome.

Its always great to hear from you.  Please give my best wishes to all the guys, and the girls, and wish them all a very happy Christmas.

All the best


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