A word or two from our mate Colin


Not much news to report I’m afraid.  No job yet, so can’t even start looking for a new home (as we don’t know which city to look in).

I still have not played golf since August, but my clubs arrived this week so once they clear MAF or whoever then I may get a game.   I have done a bit of surfcasting and have caught something on my last three trips – but nothing worth getting the barbeque out for.  The beaches here are fantastic, partly because I am often the only person on them, apart from the occasional other person taking a walk with the dog.  I will get some pictures and send them.

Thanks for sorting out the drinks.  I hope the REFOS do goes well.  I do miss the Saturday mornings a great deal.  Whatever happened at work during the week there was always Saturday morning to look forward to.

Please give my best wishes and regards to the lads.

All the best


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