… and 26 January, Lance’s turn

No holding our first edition of the twin brothers as Lance hits the big time again with a stunning 42 points. And, it goes without saying, yet another birdie. Bit tough on the young maestro Mark as he plays his socks off for just second place despite gross 73, thing of dreams for us oldies. Nothing higher than 5 and three birdies, true class.

Couple of paces nearer the top spot for Lance in the league, and beginning to look like a 3-horse race with Arthur a couple behind Lance, in turn a couple behind Jonathan.

No change in the eclectic as Mark holds a formidable lead over Lance, Phil and Richard. Lance’s birdie total is as much as all 10 of our individual totals at the bottom of the table.

Course closed today, will have to see what the next few days bring.

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