Arlo Arlo, welcome back

Big field of 18 on the day of our dinner and prize giving. If any more I don’t have your cards.

Unlikely to trouble today’s star performer as Arlo storms back with a splendid gross 78 for 41 points and two balanced halves. Good to see you back in form for a Refos round, after what seems like a long absence. Haven’t seen a promised new photo so this has to do meantime.

A generally low scoring day, bit parky but without the penetrating wind that has made recent rounds a bit challenging. Colin back in near-winning ways with 38 points and a very tidy back nine of nothing over 5. Then Simon B and Trev (fanfares!) with 37 for joint third place.

Good move to send some off the 7th and 9th in view of the large number of people out. Seemed to work a treat as there was no-one waiting on the first. Was there a bit of a moan from the ladies despite there not being any diary fixture for them?

Jonathan back in control of the League and it’ll take some consistent high scores from Lance and Simon B to unseat him. As I mentioned at the dinner, the present 8 hole record could be in danger because we’re not yet at the half-way point of the competition. Just depends if the weather intervenes.

Mark still the Eclectic maestro but with a way to go to equal his own record of 57. Keep an eye on the rear view mirror because there are few nibbling away at your lead and you won’t find a more dogged competitor than second-placed Arthur.

Quick word about yesterday’s dinner, and so good to have the full complement of wives and partners to share the festivities and prize giving. Hope they all enjoyed it.

Well done Pete for very smooth organisation throughout. Hope you were taking notes Jonathan, it could be your go next!

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