Backlog catchup 1 – 19 January

As I headed off to the slippery slopes of Austria the carrier pigeon brought tidings of great joy for James as he once again dominated and maintained the steady flow of Refos funds into the Mowatt coffers.

Great stuff James, cracking back nine of 3 over, to add to a pretty solid start. Pity about the lapse of concentration on the 9th that resulted in a DQ. Silly really because one possible provision in the new rules was to allow a player to pick up after passing the net-double-bogey threshold. Makes a lot of sense as no fun being able to extricate yourself from a bunker, say, or firing five drives off the 11th, Colin style.

Good Mowatt backup as Jonathan gets joint second with Arlo and the good Doc. Jonathan’s recent scores are like our alpine ski resort, big peaks and deep valleys.

These are the other two results, more comment next time.

Eclectic. Steady on Lance, may have to tell the taxman about all those birdie winnings

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