Belle Dune 2008

Three Refos men (well two and one lapsed) in France 4 to 7 October, Dr G, Tony H, Phil W, and ex RGC man Alan S.

Sea Ferries at 8 am (half price of chunnel, quick too), St omer at 11.30 local time. Wet, then wetter and windier. Hard old track, balls disappearing r, l and c. Quick bite then gave up, too wet. Off to dream Auberge at Roussent – basic to say least, tardis bog with built-in porcelain seat (brace your arse mate) and rocking shower., family from hell for neighbours.

2 rounds at delightful Belle Dune on Sunday – well, 26 holes then just tooooo wet. 2 rounds Monday, P & T excelling with gross 76!

18 holes Tuesday in brilliant sunshine, well nearly, rain on 18th.

If any doubt, Belle Dune is the king of all courses in my experience, simply the best.

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