Colin returns!

Been a while out of the spotlight but our golf score archivist Colin gets back to winning ways. Good solid scoring and back to reality after last week’s extravaganza, gross 79 for 39 points.

Another from the history folder

Welcome back to our year-round shorts man Paul, proving that a daily dog walk keeps the cold at bay. Very solid scoring again for 81 gross and 37 points, to tie with ever consistent Richard who scored gross 77 to be low scorer of the day.

It’s a bugger when you have your best round for months and playing to handicap doesn’t get you a mention. Except here Trev, you know who your friends are. Same for Simon B, but a bit more a qualifier for the divvying up.

Well, the League heats up. Lance’s exploits of last week put him 4 ahead (won’t mention today’s score, mate) of resurgent Jonathan, who took a misdirected week off as we enter the home straight. Then Pete pins his ears back to be just one further back.

Looks like a 3 horse race with 4 to go, all having a couple of lowish scores to knock off.

Different story in the Eclectic with Mark having set his stall out in the earliest rounds of this season and consistently knocks a couple more off to get within popping distance of the low score record.

Just look in passing at Lance’s birdie total of 21! That’s an average of 1.24 per round, thing of dreams.

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