Day 13 – Inverness to Crask Inn

Dodgy Internet seemed to jigger this post so photos haven't appeared.  Will add later.

Would you believe it's dry and sunny again. Waking up gets harder every day but still managed our usual 8.58 start from Inverness.

Big obstacle in the form of the Kessock Bridge just leaving Inverness, made worse by road works. Started negotiating the single lane going north but a lorry driver gesticulated that there was a path on the other carriageway. Took lives in hands to hump the bikes across and over the barrier.

Cuppa stop at Eventon in a forbidding looking bar that turned out to have a very chirpy batman and seats outside at the back. Soon after met a real live version of a classic Aussie who'd just started chatting to another solo biker. Turned out they were called Roy and Royce.

On along roads with spectacular views that the camera couldn't adequately capture ….

…. to Bonar Bridge and lunch stop

After fuelling up at this 40 mile stop we continued north with the countryside beginning to look quite different, fewer trees and more craggy with some Aberdeen Angus cattle and hundreds of sheep. Single lane road much of the way from here but with passing places and respectful car and motorbike drivers.

Turned a corner at the 66 mile mark to find our night's accommodation, the iconic Crask Inn run by Kai and Mike. Really quaint old place, no mains electricity, Internet ('ha ha') or television, and barely any radio. Bizarrely, quite good mobile reception though.

Tried a pint of local brew and Highland Park whisky, then sat down to a very welcome and tasty 3 course dinner. Great day, dry and mainly sunny, almost no wind.


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