Desperate Dan strikes again

No stopping our man Dan as he puts together another round most of us can only dream of. One 5 and the rest 3s and 4s, 3 under going out, 3 under coming back, gross 68, running out of superlatives, marvellous stuff. Oh, and 4 birdies just to supplement the weekly wage.

You’d have thought 37 points would give you a free passage but no, one more needed for a second place tie as some of Danie’s magic rubs off on playing partner Andy, and Phil maintains the South African link. Sorry Arthur and Pete, your 37s remain great achievements on a chilly, windswept day.

And Arthur moves into serious contention in the league as Jonathan treads water and each of the top three has a few low scores to knock off.

Mark has a well directed birdie to move a notch further ahead in the eclectic, a step nearer to his own record low score.

Gonna have to leave you for the next couple of weeks as Hilary and I head off to the snowdrifts of Austria. Keep the cards coming and who knows, there may be an opportunity to assemble the next weekly report.

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