Fixture with the Ladies?

Dear all

Sandra Williams has suggested we resurrect the annual Refos match with the Ladies.  this used to be a very popular occasion in the days of Siobhan, jean Cook and others but faded away when a number of the key people left the club.

Sandra could get 6 to 8 so who’d be interested?  I thought the end of April would fit in easily as it’s before we start the Summer League.

The questions are

  1. Interested Y/N
  2. Meal after Y/N
  3. Just the players for the meal or include partners Y/N

Answers asap would be helpful.


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One Response to Fixture with the Ladies?

  1. Gary says:

    1 = Y. 2 = Don’t mind. 3 = Y

Come on you lot, tell me what you think!