Good day for Refos, good day for Phil, just

Fifteen out on a day that varied from warm and sunny in the shelter of the trees to a bit parky round the ninth.

Tough at the top as four came home with gross scores of 81 and 82 in the Medal to share Refos first place with 37 points. Phil just nicked the Medal win on a countback from Simon C and Arthur, with Simon B’s economy drive excluding him from the club list.

Then two on 36 to not get a penny, and three on 34, all in the ‘if only I’d’ category of golf woe.

5 Refos in Medal top 8
9 out of 15 on 34 or over

Getting a bit exciting in the League with 5 rounds to go, as Lance hits top spot and Arthur moves up to join Jonathan in second. Time for another rip-snorter Jonathan! Or a handicap beater for ever-steady Arthur!

We all know what comes next as Mark’s stranglehold remains in the eclectic. But look at Lance’s birdie total! Haven’t scored that many in the last 5 years.

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