Goodbye 2017

Another great year for Refos, with more regular players than for a long while, if not longer.

Lance joined us in March and Colin came back from New Zealand, great to see you both and that you are now turn out so regularly and win so often.

We played all possible Saturday rounds in the year, I think just missing the one when the course was closed recently.  The two leagues continue to go well and keep people’s interest going.  There’s been some comment that we perhaps need some new categories, particularly to reward the higher handicappers who contribute regularly but see very little in the way of winnings.

I did add a Handicap Eclectic as a start, but it hasn’t done as much as I thought it might.  The latest addition is a count of net birdies as well as gross ones.  Miraculously Colin at the moment defies all my efforts to give everyone else a chance!

Here are a few stats about the leagues in the year, from left to right

  • total shots played in the leagues
  • average numbers of shots per round
  • birdies
  • net birdies


So, just remains to say Happy New Year to you all and here’s to health and happiness in 2018 and the continuing success of Refos.


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  1. Gary says:

    Statistic fantastic

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