Itch, Itch, Tease

Well chaps, what are we to do! Suffering acute Golf Deficiency Syndrome,  and the sword of Damoclese (aka Tesco shopping) hangs over me too. Can’t even go and play with the new jalopy ‘cos the sodding insurance co have screwed up with the cover note. If you have the odd half hour I’ll tell you the sorry tale of the green peril, now unFocus. Garage man sucks through teeth ‘it’ll cost more than it’s worth mate but we can take it off your hands, aren’t we kind’. Such magnanimity.

Thanks for the trickle of comments, nice to know people aren’t hibernating.

Wonky ankle slowly mending until I really bugger it up on the ski slopes in Feb, thanks for the concerns.

Bright spot of the week from the boy Onions. Pietersen’s had his chips and they should tell him to burger off.


Right, if we can’t play golf I just know you want to exercise our brains. Now why do I think no-one will bovver – maybe Neil Han Junior will though, just to show you.

Here goes:

The censor taker checks a house number then knocks on the door:  ‘What are the ages of your 3 daughters?’

Father replies : ‘If you multiply their ages you get 72. If you add them you get our door number.

Censor man : ‘Still can’t tell without more information’

Father : ‘Well, my eldest daughter’s dog has only 3 legs’

Censor man : ‘Ah, now I know their ages’

What were they?

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