Journey’s End – 25 September, Summer Challenge Final Round. Well Done Pete!

Well lads, that’s the end of our inaugural Summer Challenge.

Great event, lots of interest. I’m sure it’s given incentives to turn out now we’re a smaller group, so thanks to all for supporting it.

Pete G is the star of the summer! Not only best total but about the fewest number of entries so really fantastic scoring for about 2 better than handicap. Well done from us all.

On the day, Neil and Dr G tied on a modest 32 under benign conditions apart from robust cross wind. The Lane Man third on 31, just falling short on the totals shake-out.

5 birdies.

So the placings for the final 10 round challenge are

First :        Pete G, totalling 349
Second :  Dr G on 341
Third :      Richard  on 339
Fourth :   Phil on 337

Final Scores

Final Scores

 We’d like to run a winter version say from November to March, with fewer scores to count because of weather conditions. Any views? As extras we could do an eclectic and a tally of birdies. The entry fee shouldn’t be allowed to be an obstacle, so say what you think. Having the competition seems to have kept people’s interest over the summer even if having a bad day, since knocking off earlier bad scores is always an incentive.

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