June 30 – Big field, Noblobs Blair Wins

Thought in passing for David and Sandra on their special commemoration day.

Most people out for months as the scorching weather continues, 18 cards, at least Henry’s not available.

And Arlo comes out on top, much to his rapturous joy.  And that’s for a whole 18 holes!  Solid 18 out and then another 8 over the next three to make a really good score look very much on the cards.  The difficult wind took its toll in four of the remaining six but no blobs.  Off to the archive for the pic, didn’t need the underarmour on a day like this.

Playing partner and ever consistent Andy in next, just one point back,  Nothing worse than 5 on 16 holes but the tell-take horizontal lines on 1 and 17 give a bit of a clue as to what happened in each.

Some errata on the scores reported, with the cards painting a different picture.  Pete’s said 5 on 5 for 3 points, Arthur’s showed a bit of arithmetic challenge.  Can only enter what I see, and the computer is pretty adamant about what it reports.

Richard still in charge of the league as he passes half way, must add columns for rounds 9 and 10.

…  and of the eclectic, including birdie count.  Someone must explain to four of us exactly what a birdie is.

Three sharing the handicap eclectic lead but the results seem to show that whoever’s good at proper ones is also going to do well taking handicap into account.

See there’s an app to send WordPress stuff to WhatsApp, being the new favoured comms channel, but b**ed if I can see how it works.


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2 Responses to June 30 – Big field, Noblobs Blair Wins

  1. Gary says:

    David, I think there should be more ***’s in “buttered”!

  2. David Marsh says:

    Had to think about that one, Gary. Must meet one day, even have a game of golf …

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