Lance comes to the boil, again

Blimey, take a week’s holiday and everyone goes berserk, particularly Lance, who goes completely loopy.

You don’t do things by half mate, 8 better than handicap (whew, now down to sensible levels) for 44 points, lala land. And that without a birdie, for once. Well done indeed, breaking 80 with a few to spare.

One from the archives

PDG from Pete too, must have thought it was in the bag with gross 75 for 42 points. Within reach of top spot too, just a shaky start and a double on 11. Then Jonathan, back in form with 41 for third place, still dizzy heights.

Poor Phil, 39 points for not a sausage, nor a birdie to pay his way. Typist’s dream score, all 4s and 5s, a rest for arthritic fingers.

I’ll leave the rest for next week’s post since the computer has already done the updates for the tables.

Stats for the day
Best Front 9 : Lance with 23, from Phil with 21 and Pete with 20
Best Back 9 : Pete with 22, from Lance and Jonathan with 21
Best Gross : Mark with 74 (brilliant but all for nothing) from Pete with 75 and Lance with 77

6 players below 80, everyone over 30 points, all that after a foggy start.

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