Last Refos of 2019 – Arthur sees the year out in style

Healthy turn out on a day of traditional Heath wind, against out and helping back.

Arthur comes good with a solid 37 points, starting with a birdie on the first and adding a second on the seventeenth. Also recovering from a trip down the valley on the fifth but then polishing up with the card with 20 points back.

Bit of a dig into the archives for this

No Refos round would be complete at present without a Mowatt popping up, this time James with 35 as Jonathan takes a well earned rest from plundering our coffers. good steady scoring from James, no blobs, nothing higher than 6.

Tie for third place between our new guest Chin Thapa and David M with 34, Chin another model of consistency on what is a new course for him, nothing higher than 6. Very nice to see you, do come again so we can bask in your reflected glory s guardian of the monarch.

Quick blast on my own trumpet as I finished the last five holes in 2 under, first birdies of the season, inspired by Lance’s harvesting technique, his count now up to 14! Had to look carefully to see who was who between him and Paul, identical in almost all respects including size and sighs.

Sorry Simon, your card showed 5 for 2 on the third not for 1, for your 13 handicap. Have to take the scores as submitted.

Jonathan’s foot off the throttle allows Lance to nip into the lead in the League at the 10-completed stage. Another of the rounds we’ve come to expect will give Lance some work to do if he’s to hold on to the top spot.

Lance puts on a spurt

Nothing really changes in the Eclectic as Mark holds firm.

Mark-ing time
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