League season ends, Jonathan puts in late charge

Great to have three in close contention for the 22nd and final round of the Winter/Spring league, with two playing together and watching each other’s moves.
Pete narrowed the gap after Lance and Jonathan had slow starts, and came back in 20 to stake a claim. But Jonathan slipped into a higher gear and finished with a stunning 24 points, 3 over gross to coast home with a bit to spare.

The winning trio, in height order

Will check the league history but a total of 303 points must be the highest ever, pretty much 38 average. Small comfort for 4th placed James that 296 would have comfortably won in the past.

James was winner on the day, in the words of Max Boyce, I know, I was there. Glorious round even with an unprovoked disaster on the 7th, but still getting to 19 out, 21 back for a wonderful 42 point total. All that heavy weights training is clearly what the rest of us need too.
Then Simon with 40 and Phil with 39 to continue the recent high scoring trend. Make the most of it, here comes the rough.

Big dose of clapping (not clap) for Mark, making sure his grip on the Eclectic remains impregnable, even adding some timely birdies to take his total to 21 and 2 better than long-time leader Lance. Will check out the stats for previous lowest totals but 57 must be close.

So that’s it chaps for another successful league season, Refos is in safe hands and going from strength to strength..

Few weeks off now, before the Summer League starts on 4 May

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2 Responses to League season ends, Jonathan puts in late charge

  1. tony says:

    How does 19 out and 21 back add up to 42? Big bro

  2. David Marsh says:

    Well spotted Big Bro, obviously 40, got carried away with the euphoria

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