My Grand Father’s Clock

yeh, yeh, was a bit on the big side etc, I know.

Anyway, for those of a mind, how long is the pendulum? It ticks out the seconds, tick, tock, one second at a time. Get out those slide rules and you can work it out! Answers on a beer mat to your humble Ed, or do I have to tell y’all.
Hint ; Period = 2 x pi x sqrt(L/g)

Anywayway, just worked out how far the weight has travelled in all its ticking life. 
Made : 1846, say 160 years active service
Travel per wind : 4 ft
Time it lasts : 8 days
So that’s 150×365/8×4 = 5.5 miles!!

Lost on all you old buggers I expect.

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