News from the lad down under

Hi David, sounds like REFOS still going well and lots of fun.  I’m
still missing you guys.

We signed a rental agreement this week and pick up the keys tomorrow,
so expect to move in the next couple of weeks.  The kids are still at
school here next week then have 2 weeks off, then start their new
schools in Tauranga.  It will be great to finally get a place, for
various reasons.  At the moment I am commuting about 1 hour each way
and that will reduce to about 7-8 minutes.  Also, we are still living
with the in-laws, who are being great but it will be nice to have our
own space as we still have most of our stuff in boxes.  Basically we
still haven’t unpacked most of our stuff yet, after 9 months.

The 10 rounds challenge sounds like a great idea.  A bit of extra
incentive each week.

I am playing about once a month at the moment, and there’s nowhere to
practice.  So when we get settled I will go and play the various
courses in Tauranga.  I have a friend (well, its a couple who are
friends of Annette really) and he is a golf pro who lives in Papamoa,
just outside of Tauranga.  So I’ll have a game or two with him no
doubt.  I’ve been trying to change my swing – to get it straight so I
can then slow it down, but it’s hard work, especially when I’m playing
so little.  And I quite enjoy giving it a bit of a rip, in case nobody
had noticed.  Anyway, the changes feel ok but I’m not sure if I can hot
a ball straight with them yet.

All else is ok.  Work going well.  It’s winter here, but not that cold

Hope you guys are really enjoying the summer.  Please give my best
wishes to the lads as always, and tell them I’m looking forward to the
next REFOS visitor.


Ed : REFOS men, remember you can add comments if you want to say hello to Colin. I’ll tell him to tune in occasionally.

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