News From Colin!

Nice to hear from the boy down under.

Wednesday golf followed by guinness sound almost too good. Especially when a full 18 follows on Saturdays. It soulds as though you have been getting a lot of golf in which must have been good. I heard that March was nice and dry there too. I was playing on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer here nd really enjoyed it, but have not played many full rounds at all. I did have a game a couple of weeks back at Ohope, which Mike will remember. It is a really nice course wth views either of the bay or the ocean on every hole (it is on a long peninsular).

And biking too. There are lots of great places around the vilages to go on a bike, and it’s really easy to make sure that the route ends up at a village pub. Good on you. I did the London to Cambridge on a tandem, in fancy dress (I was Batman and my mate was a Scotsman – literally – but dressed accordingly). It was bout 20 years ago and lots of fun. Nedless to say we did it at a leisurely pace.

I see that the Open is at Royal St Georges this year. What a great course. I played 36 there in 2008 and gain in 2009 so I’m looking forward to catching some of that on TV, assuming it will be on over here.

Not much else to report here. I guess it is equivalent to October in England but it is still shirtsleeves weather here, though starting to get a bit cold in the evenings. Work is fine, and the kids are still enjoying school. With Easter comng up we will get a bit of a break, so may try to get a bit of fishing in.

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