News from Colin

Hi David, good to hear from you.

All ok here, still summer.  We have some friends over from the UK at
the moment so doing all the tourist stuff, but not playing golf.

No job yet.  There are the odd opportunities coming up but they are far
and few between with a lot of people chasing them, and may mean moving
right across the country.  So not sure what to do.  I’m getting some
work from the UK which is helpful, but I’m not sure how long that will
last.  I’m wondering about doing something different but the question
is whether I can make a good enough income, and what the impact will be
if I do come back to the UK in a few years i.e. will it pay the

As I say above, I have not played golf for a couple of weeks.  I was
trying to straighten out my swing but that will take some time.  I
think about Saturday mornings at Royston regularly.  It is interesting
that when I think of the course I imagine standing on the third tee
more than any other place.  Not sure why.

So what is happening with the guys?  I guess that the opportunities to
play have been scarce because of the snow but that should all change

hope to hear from you soon.

all the best


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