26 November – Pete At The Double

Report by Harry G, Deputy Ed, as Dr G away on house clearance duty.

A huge turn-out of 17 producing four gross scores in the 70’s.
At the top of the bunch it’s Peter (isn’t my driver shiny?) Law & Peter (who need new technology?) Gillies sharing the honours with 38 points. David W also making the podium with a fine 37 pts.

6 birdies & 1 eagle on the 18th by Arthur. Well done Mark C for your birdie on 12. Only two birdies on 12 throughout the summer challenge.
Point of interest – ALL birdies/eagle were in the last 7 holes…

A few dodgey scores on the cards – Arthur given 3/3 on 5th & 6/1 on 14th, so points score reduces from 35 to 33. Martin also given one too many, 7/1 on 1st (24 down to 23). On the plus side Steve gained two, up from 24 to 26.

Seem to have a WordPress glitch with inserting images and trying to get the scores data in . . .

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