You guessed it – it’s Jonathan!

There’s no holding this man, I think that’s Jonathan’s third win in five outings.

Hmm, bank balance coming along nicely, thanks guys

Pretty bleak out there by all account, nominally 14 started but only 12 completed.

Sorry Paul, the database doesn’t recognise you.  Come again!

By my reckoning 5 on the 8th scores 3, not 2, so one to add to the winning total.  Good stuff from Phil for second with 30, then Lance and Colin in joint third with 27. Bonus of 1 for Gary too, with 5 on the second giving 2, not 1.  

Jonathan forges ahead in the league, almost a complete lap ahead now.

One to go Jonathan, then the fun starts

Nothing much to add to the Eclectic, cracked record syndrome again as Mark remains impregnable.

Must deduct your 5 bonus birdies, Pete

Remember Christmas Santa next week.  

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More howls

Sorry Martin et al

Rest in peace now, bad day in the press room.

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Christmas Bells downed out by howls of protest

Okay, fair cop, some of the scores didn’t make it last time so here’s an update for last Saturday.

One point of interest that I missed last time was the latest exploit of Martyn with a Y.  We searched for almost the (old) maximum time for his ball on the 9th until Phil said ‘have you looked under your bag?’.  And lo and behold, there it was, exactly there, sitting nicely in a strip of flattened rough.  The giggles rang out far and wide.

And congratulations on your birdie, Martin, an oasis in a landscape of ****.



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Even More Mowatt

Fierce wind on the outward nine made this a difficult day for the oldies.  Not so for the youngsters as it’s three wins in 4 weeks for the Mowatt boys, this time M The Elder;  sorry Jonathan, got it wrong last time, you don’t look your age. Hastily add neither do you James, whatever it is.  Jonathan’s scores are definitely tidying up, this time a total of 37 and just a few biggies to eliminate.  Then the rest of us’ll have absolutely no chance. Good win overall too, first in the Club Swindle, well done!  In fact, as the ever observant Gary points out, that’s six Refosers in the top 1o scores.

Here’s a well used one from the photo album, gonna add it to the page template to save time.

And our sleeping giant Lance pops his head up from the pillow to ensure second place with 36, storming home with 23, including consecutive birdies on 17 and 18. Gary’s tender care clearly helped as he took third with 34 and an impressive 21 back, also birdie-ing te last .  Have to add that I came back in 21 too, 12 better than going out …

More cracked record commentary as Jonathan forges ahead in the League, averaging over 36 for 5 of his six rounds.  Don’t worry, the ugly will will pop off the table shortly after Christmas.

Same cracked record as Mark holds onto a comfy lead in the Eclectic, but with Lance zooming up behind him to be 4 back.  Must have been a very target round to pick off a few of the lame ducks.

Best front nine  :  Andy with 18 from Jonathan with 17; very impressive in that wind
Best back nine :  Lance with 23 from Gary & David M with 21
Best gross (minus Danie’s card) : Andy with 84 from Gary with 35.

By popular request it’ll be SECRET SANTA after Refos on 22 December.  Bring an interesting present up to £5 in value, no pass-on unwanted gifts please.

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Drizzle, wind, cold – Think Mark might have won

Good day for getting to the end of 18 holes.  Significant that with no-one ahead of us we were all round in 31/2 hours or thereabouts.  Remember this for times we’re criticised for being slow.

Can’t get Simon B’s score to 35 with the card presented, one fewer on front nine.  So Mark should have been the winner with 35 on this reckoning.  PB good on a day like this, 77 gross, all very tidy, worthy winner depending on the Stewards’ Enquiry.

One from the archive, no woollies

Sorry Simon but a good knock regardless, with 20 back despite the cold and damp.

Not such a good day for the Mowatts, probably fair to say that M The Elder’s (apologies for getting it wrong last time) score barely reached his 9-hole total from last week. Golf can be a fickle mistress but great to see the general trend of your scores.

Still looking comfy on top of the league tree, but Martin popping his head up after 5 and hoping Arthur doesn’t beat 22 points next time out.

More progress by Mark in the eclectic, learning to be very tactical where he brushes up on pars and adds another birdie.  Looking a bit safe for the time being.


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Keeping it in the family – James’s turn

Great round today by Mowatt The Elder as James puts together a solid round of 19 out, 20 back, and birdies on 5 and 12 to win by four from Mowatt The Younger, as Jonathan continues his excellent run of form to tie with Simon on 35.

Sorry James, one from the archive

Best front nine :  Danie with level par for 20, from James with 19
Best back nine :  James with 20, from Phil, Colin and Jonathan on 17
Best gross :  Danie with 76 (sure that’s happened before) from Mark with 79

No prizes for guessing who’s well ahead in the league, with Jonathan reaching the halfway stage of qualifying rounds with a comfortable margin.  Good to see Arthur putting together some good scores for second place, with some near neighbours within striking distance and some low scores to knock off.

Mark still in control of the eclectic at this early stage, just as we have come to expect.


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Here’s a novelty, Jonathan won!

No stopping Jonathan, winner again with 41 points, hope no stopping the handicap reduction too!  Sorry, not meant to detract from another great score that we old folk can only remember from decades back. Much better control evident after the first and from there I make the points 1 x 4, 8 x 3, 5 x 2 and 3 x 1.  Well done and just as well I took a recent photo.

The group is going like tennis players with the average height shooting up.  Now at least three over 6ft 3, or 1.9m for the modern generation.  Still time for you Andy!

Great to see Martin up there in second with 37 after a sizzling start of 22 points.  Just a pity about the Sunset Strip in the middle of the back nine.

Danie in third with 36 and best gross score by a considerable stretch, ie 74.

First update on the league, with the lead held not surprisingly by Jonathan, looking to match James as an overall winner.  Thinks, just need to score 56 next time to draw level.

Refos Qualifiers

Much debate whether scores outside of normal Refos hours are allowable for league purposes.  The general mood is to say no, that all have to be in Saturday morning events in the true spirit of the Refos name. There are about 25 possible Saturdays in the season, with only the best 8 counting over the winter months when the weather may intervene.

Danie goes further and suggests that to qualify the scores need to be in club competitions.  Either that or have Refos handicaps.  Any other views?

More widely my observation is that the present system favours those playing to handicap and/or getting birdies. Not belonging to that group a simple calculation says that getting a shot back typically costs over £60 if including the £3.50 club entry fees.

Also, with healthy numbers each week and to balance things up a bit maybe we should consider having two divisions, with first, second and birdie payouts for each.  The split would be under 13 for one, 14 and over for the other, or thereabouts. This would be for weekly divvying up purposes, with the league staying as is.

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Captain’s Farewell – Welcome Back, Pete

Nice autumn day and 18 out for this but only 15 cards received.

Great scoring despite some greens being pretty rough in places, surely an argument for GUR areas.

Pete L is winner again with a very classy 40 points, 19 out, 21 back and no passes. Could say it was the par 5s that made the difference, with Pete getting all in par to second place Arthur’s 4 over.  But Arthur excelled on the par 3s, with five out of five.

So Arthur in joint second with David W, both on excellent 38 points.  David’s was a triumph over adversity, starting with two blobs then zooming back with birdies on 3 and 4, and commenting ‘that’ll do the eclectic some good’.

No chance for anyone to challenge the overall winning score of 48 points by a junior, 25 out, 23 back, 2 shots a hole, two blobs.

Full reporting of League and Eclectic soon, once we get a few more rounds in.  Getting close to full sign-up for the league, so charge up the wallets for next time.

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Start of Winter League – No stopping Jonathan

Much more comfortable day than last Saturday for the start of the Winter League.

And it’s Jonathan again!  After last week’s 40 it’s another Hollywood Handshake for today’s 39.  Blimey, if it weren’t for two 7s, an 8 and a 9 it would have been even more sensational.  Well done indeed, good work in knocking off big lumps of handicap.

Richard in second with an excellent gross 78, back in 2 over, for 36 points.  Delightfully steady scoring, continuing the consistency of the last however long.

Nice to get entry money up-front from almost everyone, just two not having quite enough pocket money and needing to have words with their financial controllers.

Can’t make it to the 5 birdies we paid for, can whoever’s missing let me know.


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It’s a tie! Andy comes from behind!

Just when we thought it was all over …

Fantastic round by Andy, needing to improve by 9 to catch up and getting it! Gross 79 for 39 points, knocking off a 30 as Pete doesn’t quite advance.  And that with two blobs, on 5 and 12, not usually problem holes.  But otherwise 22 points back, including 4 pointers on 10 and 17. And that’s enough for Andy to win the Battle of Britain comp by all accounts, and immortality courtesy of the honours board, well done!

Don’t have cards for Pete or James so can’t analyse what didn’t happen for Pete.  But the long and short of it is it’s a playoff for the Summer League top spot!  So you two play together when you can, normal Stableford with sudden death if needed.

Good to see Andrew and Jonathan among the prizes, both with 36 points

Here’s the final position, with Andy and Pete gazumping long time front runner Lance in the home straight.

No question who’s top dog in the Eclectic as Mark cruises in with 57 and a massive 17 birdies – blimey, that’s more than I’ve had in total since the leagues started all those years ago.

But the same campaigners appearing for second and third places, ie Andy and Lance.

Autumn recess now, until we resume on 3 November assuming everyone’s still up for it.

So enjoy the rest of the late season, time to work on all those finer points of the game, maybe.

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