Round 9 – Delayed arrival

Here are the results from a week ago, will elaborate on the latest results soon.

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Goodbye 2017

Another great year for Refos, with more regular players than for a long while, if not longer.

Lance joined us in March and Colin came back from New Zealand, great to see you both and that you are now turn out so regularly and win so often.

We played all possible Saturday rounds in the year, I think just missing the one when the course was closed recently.  The two leagues continue to go well and keep people’s interest going.  There’s been some comment that we perhaps need some new categories, particularly to reward the higher handicappers who contribute regularly but see very little in the way of winnings.

I did add a Handicap Eclectic as a start, but it hasn’t done as much as I thought it might.  The latest addition is a count of net birdies as well as gross ones.  Miraculously Colin at the moment defies all my efforts to give everyone else a chance!

Here are a few stats about the leagues in the year, from left to right

  • total shots played in the leagues
  • average numbers of shots per round
  • birdies
  • net birdies


So, just remains to say Happy New Year to you all and here’s to health and happiness in 2018 and the continuing success of Refos.


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Round 8 – Five see the year out

Yes, because of the dodgy state of the course and whether it had reopened, just five turned up on what turned into a fairly mild and sunny morning despite a strong wind.

And wonder of wonders, Trev is top man with a stirring 32 points, first win since goodness knows when.  Well done mate, something to remember on the long flight to Dubai and the Far East.  By the way, I think that’s the same jumper you wore on 28 November 2015 …

Full reporting next time but as a clue, everyone item starts with Colin.

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Prize Giving – From Summer 2016 to Summer 2017


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Round 7 – Clowning In Asia

Or in other words, Colin wins again!  By a country mile!  Three birdies, not a six in sight, 2 over out and 2 over back for a gross 74 and 44 points.  Brilliant stuff on a difficult day of typical Royston wind, facing going out, helping coming back, ten pars or net pars.

Here’s how Refos looks this Christmas with almost a full turnout for the Secret Santa.  Word of advice to Danie and Arlo, if you can’t see the camera it can’t see you.  Another word, this time from David R to say the plumbing job has gone well, recuperating for a few more days in Papworth before being released home.  Will be several months before able to play golf again, but all best wishes from us all.

Pretty tough when you score 76 gross and don’t get a mention but great stuff too, Mark.  Second place went to ever consistent Simon B with 37 including 2 birdies, then Phil with 36 in third.

Spectacular birdie 4 on 17 from Pete G, gracing us again with his and Alfie’s presence.  Three good shots to pin high then in like a ferret down a rabbit hole.

Struggles for the lower orders, finding the wind a bit too tricky.

Might be the first time that anyone’s ever scored a grand slam, as Colin leads everything in sight, league, eclectic, handicap eclectic and net-birdie count.  White flags at the ready for the winter season, not just on the greens.

So, happy Christmas to all our readers, what a great bunch, pleasure to have your company week in, week out, and with such talent in depth.

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Round 6 – Lance a lot, rest not much

Another bitingly cold day, never above 3 degrees, clearly taking its toll.  Twelve out but only ten cards received.  Will add the scores if you can provide them.

Lance comes out on top again, this can’t go on ‘cos I’m running out of headline quips. But, another steady round in the most challenging conditions with the ball bouncing uncontrollably on the rock-hard ground.  After just 13 in his seven scoring holes on the front nine Lance made amends with a solid 19 back.

As ever, Colin not far away again with 31 over 15 scoring holes, and a glorious 4 on 17 to secure second place.  Then Mike and David W with 29, followed by the real sufferers.  Must be the lowest average scoring day for a long time.

The Colin success story continues, leading everything else, the League …

… the Eclectic,

… and the Handicap Eclectic

Thought I’d add a new category to assist the higher handicap players, in the form of a table of cumulative net birdies.  But lo and behold, Colin’s leading that too.

A message from Dave Rowell after we’d heard last week about his heart problem.

At the moment it is all ok and I do not feel bad at all.  I didn’t feel bad when I came here.  Not much real change just disappointment it could not be fixed by stent.  The alternative is that I will need a triple bypass op which is now planned for 19th Dec, and means they will ship me from The Lister to Papworth on 18th.  Boring sitting in hospital waiting, with all its attendant problems at home.  What it will be like after the op I will find out later but for sure will not be playing golf for a while, with bit of luck perhaps April or May time if all goes well.



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By Special Request

Mr Marsh…..I’m so disappointed…….no mention of my tremendous two, my eagle on the second.
A terrible ‘off the toe’ duck hook into the left rough, leaving a perfectly teed up ball from 135 yards into the light but cold breeze……down the grip on an eight iron for a 3/4 swish and hey presto, we found the ball at the bottom of the cup (it was on line all of the way, but did appear to have gone a little long.
Happy days…….it was all down hill from there though, as from 50 yards in I was absolutely sh**e all damn morning!!!!

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Round 5 – Stuck in a Rutter

Pretty frustrating having a very slow fourball match starting just in front of us.  Lance and DM off first and called through on 7, then called through a regular fourball on the 10th, then whizzed around the second half, finishing 45 minutes ahead of the second group. Lot of disgruntled Refos people.

Andy continuing his good form with a rousing 37 on a day that started chilly but soon warmed up a bit.  All the easier with a light wind and no rain. Andy’s score was for 16 holes only, hitting the rocks on 6 and 7 but storming in with 22 points for his 37 total.  You look just like in the photo of a couple of weeks back Andy, could be an explanation for that.

Three in joint second place on 36, Pete L, Gary and David M. Gary’s was another 16-hole job but nothing more than a 5 on the scoring holes including 2 birdies; welcome back Gary, hope the Shermans have moved on.  Same 16 qualifiers and 2 birdies for Pete, and good sprinkling of pars too.  DM suffering the frustrations of waiting for every shot on the early holes but coming home in 2 over for 23 points to add to the frustrating 13 out.

Don’t have cards for Pete G, Danie and Arthur but can add them if you can conjure them up.  Sorry, my psychic powers aren’t up to scratch at the mo.

Just so happens the three with missing cards haven’t signed up for the league so the rest of the results aren’t affected.  There’s still time chaps, and the database has all your previous scores so they can appear once the famous box has been ticked.

Back to the knitting, Colin still way ahead in the League, pounding out consistent scores …

… and in the Eclectic

… and in the handicap eclectic

For some home entertainment take a look at this new page with some golfing tips from a top UK coach.


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Round 4 – Icy wind, no problem for Lance

What a difference a day makes, pretty chilly, made worse by the wind in the traditional Royston direction.  Everyone seemed to suffer as a result, except for Lance who powered to 19 out, 18 back and yet another win.  Nice steady scoring, just one blow out.

Had the privilege of playing with the Rich man again, first time this year, and a delight to watch.  just 3 points in the first 4 then a burst of 24 points in 9 holes for a 36 pointer including three birdies.  David W and Colin in next with 34.  The conditions meant 8 of the 13 starters didn’t get to 30 but everyone soon cheered up in the bar.

Best front 9  :  Lance with 19 from Colin with 17
Best back 9 : David W with 21 from Richard with 20
Best gross :  Richard with 78

Colin nudging further ahead in the league with another solid round …

… and heading the eclectic table by 3 …

… and the handicap version by 1

PS :  went to review Great Hadham for a possible Seniors fixture.  Sooooo muddy so never ever complain about Royston, which is currently in fantastic condition despite the time of year.

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Round 3 – Good scoring in Medal

Ten out on a calmish day that called for winter woollies and gloves at the start. Will add David W’s card when I get it back.

Sizzling stuff from Mark with a glorious gross 74 made up of outward 1 under and just a few hiccups on the way home.  But 38 points and 2 birdies along the way.  Same points score for David M, 19 each way, no birdies and no great mishaps.


Day’s Stats

Best gross  :  74 from Mark from DM with 82
Best front 9 :  22 points for Mark from Byron with 21
Best back 9 :  20 points for Martin from DM and Lance with 19

Colin establishes a healthy lead in the league, averaging 37 for the three round so far, leading David M by 7.

Colin taking control over both eclectics with 70 gross and 64 net.

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