Backlog catchup 1 – 19 January

As I headed off to the slippery slopes of Austria the carrier pigeon brought tidings of great joy for James as he once again dominated and maintained the steady flow of Refos funds into the Mowatt coffers.

Great stuff James, cracking back nine of 3 over, to add to a pretty solid start. Pity about the lapse of concentration on the 9th that resulted in a DQ. Silly really because one possible provision in the new rules was to allow a player to pick up after passing the net-double-bogey threshold. Makes a lot of sense as no fun being able to extricate yourself from a bunker, say, or firing five drives off the 11th, Colin style.

Good Mowatt backup as Jonathan gets joint second with Arlo and the good Doc. Jonathan’s recent scores are like our alpine ski resort, big peaks and deep valleys.

These are the other two results, more comment next time.

Eclectic. Steady on Lance, may have to tell the taxman about all those birdie winnings

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Desperate Dan strikes again

No stopping our man Dan as he puts together another round most of us can only dream of. One 5 and the rest 3s and 4s, 3 under going out, 3 under coming back, gross 68, running out of superlatives, marvellous stuff. Oh, and 4 birdies just to supplement the weekly wage.

You’d have thought 37 points would give you a free passage but no, one more needed for a second place tie as some of Danie’s magic rubs off on playing partner Andy, and Phil maintains the South African link. Sorry Arthur and Pete, your 37s remain great achievements on a chilly, windswept day.

And Arthur moves into serious contention in the league as Jonathan treads water and each of the top three has a few low scores to knock off.

Mark has a well directed birdie to move a notch further ahead in the eclectic, a step nearer to his own record low score.

Gonna have to leave you for the next couple of weeks as Hilary and I head off to the snowdrifts of Austria. Keep the cards coming and who knows, there may be an opportunity to assemble the next weekly report.

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Update for 5 Jan

Turns out to have been a record number of players, joining lots more already playing ahead. So dead slow for the starters from the first. Nice one Danie, eh, lots of nice birdie dosh …. again.

More than half of the top 15 places held by Refos members, led by clear winner Arlo! Listen up all ye Refos knockers! Bad choice of word, sorry.

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Arlo Arlo, welcome back

Big field of 18 on the day of our dinner and prize giving. If any more I don’t have your cards.

Unlikely to trouble today’s star performer as Arlo storms back with a splendid gross 78 for 41 points and two balanced halves. Good to see you back in form for a Refos round, after what seems like a long absence. Haven’t seen a promised new photo so this has to do meantime.

A generally low scoring day, bit parky but without the penetrating wind that has made recent rounds a bit challenging. Colin back in near-winning ways with 38 points and a very tidy back nine of nothing over 5. Then Simon B and Trev (fanfares!) with 37 for joint third place.

Good move to send some off the 7th and 9th in view of the large number of people out. Seemed to work a treat as there was no-one waiting on the first. Was there a bit of a moan from the ladies despite there not being any diary fixture for them?

Jonathan back in control of the League and it’ll take some consistent high scores from Lance and Simon B to unseat him. As I mentioned at the dinner, the present 8 hole record could be in danger because we’re not yet at the half-way point of the competition. Just depends if the weather intervenes.

Mark still the Eclectic maestro but with a way to go to equal his own record of 57. Keep an eye on the rear view mirror because there are few nibbling away at your lead and you won’t find a more dogged competitor than second-placed Arthur.

Quick word about yesterday’s dinner, and so good to have the full complement of wives and partners to share the festivities and prize giving. Hope they all enjoyed it.

Well done Pete for very smooth organisation throughout. Hope you were taking notes Jonathan, it could be your go next!

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Last Refos of 2019 – Arthur sees the year out in style

Healthy turn out on a day of traditional Heath wind, against out and helping back.

Arthur comes good with a solid 37 points, starting with a birdie on the first and adding a second on the seventeenth. Also recovering from a trip down the valley on the fifth but then polishing up with the card with 20 points back.

Bit of a dig into the archives for this

No Refos round would be complete at present without a Mowatt popping up, this time James with 35 as Jonathan takes a well earned rest from plundering our coffers. good steady scoring from James, no blobs, nothing higher than 6.

Tie for third place between our new guest Chin Thapa and David M with 34, Chin another model of consistency on what is a new course for him, nothing higher than 6. Very nice to see you, do come again so we can bask in your reflected glory s guardian of the monarch.

Quick blast on my own trumpet as I finished the last five holes in 2 under, first birdies of the season, inspired by Lance’s harvesting technique, his count now up to 14! Had to look carefully to see who was who between him and Paul, identical in almost all respects including size and sighs.

Sorry Simon, your card showed 5 for 2 on the third not for 1, for your 13 handicap. Have to take the scores as submitted.

Jonathan’s foot off the throttle allows Lance to nip into the lead in the League at the 10-completed stage. Another of the rounds we’ve come to expect will give Lance some work to do if he’s to hold on to the top spot.

Lance puts on a spurt

Nothing really changes in the Eclectic as Mark holds firm.

Mark-ing time
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22 December – missing cards

Still short of cards for this round on Secret Santa day. Can update if any more appear.

Stunning round from Danie, taking usual consistency to a new high with a one-over round of 71 including level par back 9. Being able to get 3 birdies took care of his 4 dropped shots, stuff of dreams for the rest of us. Well done!

League and Eclectic updates coming after this report.

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You guessed it – it’s Jonathan!

There’s no holding this man, I think that’s Jonathan’s third win in five outings.

Hmm, bank balance coming along nicely, thanks guys

Pretty bleak out there by all account, nominally 14 started but only 12 completed.

Sorry Paul, the database doesn’t recognise you.  Come again!

By my reckoning 5 on the 8th scores 3, not 2, so one to add to the winning total.  Good stuff from Phil for second with 30, then Lance and Colin in joint third with 27. Bonus of 1 for Gary too, with 5 on the second giving 2, not 1.  

Jonathan forges ahead in the league, almost a complete lap ahead now.

One to go Jonathan, then the fun starts

Nothing much to add to the Eclectic, cracked record syndrome again as Mark remains impregnable.

Must deduct your 5 bonus birdies, Pete

Remember Christmas Santa next week.  

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More howls

Sorry Martin et al

Rest in peace now, bad day in the press room.

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Christmas Bells downed out by howls of protest

Okay, fair cop, some of the scores didn’t make it last time so here’s an update for last Saturday.

One point of interest that I missed last time was the latest exploit of Martyn with a Y.  We searched for almost the (old) maximum time for his ball on the 9th until Phil said ‘have you looked under your bag?’.  And lo and behold, there it was, exactly there, sitting nicely in a strip of flattened rough.  The giggles rang out far and wide.

And congratulations on your birdie, Martin, an oasis in a landscape of ****.



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Even More Mowatt

Fierce wind on the outward nine made this a difficult day for the oldies.  Not so for the youngsters as it’s three wins in 4 weeks for the Mowatt boys, this time M The Elder;  sorry Jonathan, got it wrong last time, you don’t look your age. Hastily add neither do you James, whatever it is.  Jonathan’s scores are definitely tidying up, this time a total of 37 and just a few biggies to eliminate.  Then the rest of us’ll have absolutely no chance. Good win overall too, first in the Club Swindle, well done!  In fact, as the ever observant Gary points out, that’s six Refosers in the top 1o scores.

Here’s a well used one from the photo album, gonna add it to the page template to save time.

And our sleeping giant Lance pops his head up from the pillow to ensure second place with 36, storming home with 23, including consecutive birdies on 17 and 18. Gary’s tender care clearly helped as he took third with 34 and an impressive 21 back, also birdie-ing te last .  Have to add that I came back in 21 too, 12 better than going out …

More cracked record commentary as Jonathan forges ahead in the League, averaging over 36 for 5 of his six rounds.  Don’t worry, the ugly will will pop off the table shortly after Christmas.

Same cracked record as Mark holds onto a comfy lead in the Eclectic, but with Lance zooming up behind him to be 4 back.  Must have been a very target round to pick off a few of the lame ducks.

Best front nine  :  Andy with 18 from Jonathan with 17; very impressive in that wind
Best back nine :  Lance with 23 from Gary & David M with 21
Best gross (minus Danie’s card) : Andy with 84 from Gary with 35.

By popular request it’ll be SECRET SANTA after Refos on 22 December.  Bring an interesting present up to £5 in value, no pass-on unwanted gifts please.

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