Scorchio!! Weather and Jamie

Variety of starting times for Captain’s Day, earliest at about 6.30, rest of us nearer normal times.  Haven’t heard for sure but Jamie’s 41 points must have been hard to beat, really well done.  No card for Jamie, maybe others, but this is the current status.

And it’s Phil in among Jamie’s following pack with 35 points, closely pursued by Arthur and Mike with 34.  Was that a nearest-the-pin for Arthur on 10?  And rumours of others from Refos on other holes.  The RGC website hasn’t been updated yet so can’t check.

Then there’s the Richard show, League and Eclectic, rewards for such consistent play.  Good to see the happy mood these days!

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June 30 – Big field, Noblobs Blair Wins

Thought in passing for David and Sandra on their special commemoration day.

Most people out for months as the scorching weather continues, 18 cards, at least Henry’s not available.

And Arlo comes out on top, much to his rapturous joy.  And that’s for a whole 18 holes!  Solid 18 out and then another 8 over the next three to make a really good score look very much on the cards.  The difficult wind took its toll in four of the remaining six but no blobs.  Off to the archive for the pic, didn’t need the underarmour on a day like this.

Playing partner and ever consistent Andy in next, just one point back,  Nothing worse than 5 on 16 holes but the tell-take horizontal lines on 1 and 17 give a bit of a clue as to what happened in each.

Some errata on the scores reported, with the cards painting a different picture.  Pete’s said 5 on 5 for 3 points, Arthur’s showed a bit of arithmetic challenge.  Can only enter what I see, and the computer is pretty adamant about what it reports.

Richard still in charge of the league as he passes half way, must add columns for rounds 9 and 10.

…  and of the eclectic, including birdie count.  Someone must explain to four of us exactly what a birdie is.

Three sharing the handicap eclectic lead but the results seem to show that whoever’s good at proper ones is also going to do well taking handicap into account.

See there’s an app to send WordPress stuff to WhatsApp, being the new favoured comms channel, but b**ed if I can see how it works.


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June 23 – Rich Pickings

Glorious play by Richard, 20 each way, gross 74.  In points, 3 x 1, 8 x 2 and 7 x 3, very very impressive.  Shorts obviously suit you, bit of a rare sight.

Three sharing joint second place, James, David W and Simon B with 33.  Good to see James back in the fold, with the extra bonus of having Jonathan as a new recruit, coming up with a nice exotic 7 out, 21 back.  Feel that both brothers are in line for some handicap surgery very soon.

Richard’s consistency sees him move into top spot in the league …

… and in the Eclectic …

… and in the handicap version too, alongside Lance

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9 June – Tough going

Seemed to be a real struggle on a nice day.  Couldn’t be there cos of Invitation at Aspley Guise and very few cards returned, including one that shared Martin’s but didn’t have a name on it.  Three birdies might be a clue but an NR, an 8 and several 6s wouldn’t be what we might expect from YKW.

Will wait for the next update before adding the league etc but someone will have to collect up tomorrow’s cards as I’ll be off to Vienna in the morning.

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2 June -New blood

Good to see James back after the weather intervened last week.  And, sorry about the confusion, is it Henry?  The card says Jamie as A player and  Henry as B even though James appeared in a different group.  Whatever, Henry/whoever had a maiden win with 36 points off his 19 handicap, well done.

Bit mixed for everyone else as the rough and wind against took their toll.  Lance and Richard fared best with 32 each for joint second.

David M leading the league at this early stage, with Pete and Lance in attendance.

Pete, Lance and Colin head up the Eclectic list on 72.

… and the same trio heading the handicap version.

For the second week running no-one managed to avoid a blob, Richard being most in charge, with just one.  Exotic stuff from Colin with 7 in the first eight holes!

Won’t be around for the next two weeks so keep tabs on the score cards and I’ll add them when I can.



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26 May – Early mist puts off the early starters

Nice to see Woodie Woodward back amongst us, courtesy of the wonders of Heath Membership …     Nearly saw James and brother Jonathan too, maybe next time when things return to normal.

Can’t remember why but several of us elected for a 6.30 am start only to be defeated by the mist.  If anyone resumed later in the morning I didn’t get their cards.  Nine or so started at 2 pm when the sun shone brightly, giving beautiful conditions – apart from the wind being in the wrong direction by prevailing standards. So easy-ish out, harder back.

Few casualties along the way with only 5 cards arriving back from the known starters.  Bit telling that a huge gap opened up between first and second groups, at least 3 pints worth at a pint a hole.

So on a day with no money at stake, guess what, your humble Ed had the best score.  Must time my run better.

Pete takes the lead in the League.  To say by virtue of having the most scores would be churlish so I won’t even mention it.

And Pete gets a mention again as joint leader of the eclectic with Colin. Could have sworn Pete has had a par on 4 somewhere along the way, even yesterday – let me know and I’ll amend the database.

Let’s hope for better conditions and turn-out next week.  Should Refos become Rofos in the summer, so one-fifteen on Saturdays.  Or is that giving in too easily to the slowies ahead?



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Paid for Summer League

This is my list of who’s paid entry money.

Still time for Arlo, Arthur, Danie, Davids R and W, Martin, Pete G, Simon B and Walter.

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Mike and David M hog the headlines

Nice to see Mark C again, always welcome mate.

Medal day and the rough taking its toll.  No excuse for taking 4.5 hours though, adding to an extra half hour of waiting on the tee.  Refos not guilty but some definite suspects up ahead, again.

A day for patience and keeping it going straight.   Says something when Colin’s count of two blobs was the lowest of the group, the highest being 6.

Only 14 cards received, Arthur’s missing.  Joint winners were Mike and David M with 33 points, Mike’s scores going from net 9 over to net 2 under – explain that one, those two as part of 17 points out, 16 back.  Same scores for David M but a more limited range of +7 to -1.

Phil in third place with 32 but defying comparisons by clocking up a couple of NRs.

At this early stage Pete leads the League by being the only one with three scores.  Will need to adjust last week’s score Pete ‘cos the card’s gone missing.

Bit too early to get stuck into eclectics but the scores are in the database, have no fear.

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James Coming Back

Just heard that James M is going to rejoin – in fact double dose because his brother is joining too.

Will be good to see him back!

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First of Summer league, Simon fast out of the blocks

Glorious spring day for the start of the Summer League 2018, including Bill & Ben as late entrants.

Stunning start by Simon with a 20-20 score worthy of Specsavers. Just three single-pointers among the 2s and 3s, even a 4 for a birdie on 7.  Always said that swing was worthy of a low handicap, so today’s effort will be a step in the right direction. The result obviously led to a spurt in hair growth.

The day’s stats
Best front 9 : Simon C and David W with 20
Best back 9 : Simon C and Pete L with 20
Best gross : Simon C with 79 from Pete with 82

Now here’s a question for you all – who else paid me ‘cos I seem to have an unassigned tenner, which is a change from moans that ‘I paid you ages ago’.  Receipts to be issued when the missing beneficiary is identified and awarded with a tick in the second column.


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