8 September – Pete’s back

Brief report as I’d deleted a burgeoning WhatsApp list with Gary’s set of cards in it.  Now resent, at least as many as he had.

And it’s Pete back on the winning trail, in fact continuing a spell of good form showing in some impressive singles wins in club comps.  Flaky start with no score on the first but then a solid run of mainly 2 and 3 pointers for what would have been a gross 79.  Walter 2 back with 37 points then Simon a further 1 back for third.

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1 September – We few, we happy few, we band of brothers

Gary goes once more unto the breech with a solid round to handicap, his 36 points keeping newbies James and Henry at bay.

Lance not able to advance in the eclectic but holding onto his 11 point lead over Pete.

Nothing much to add regarding the eclectic as the front runners have a day off.

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August 25 – Lance wins again

Fairly quiet day on the scoring as the previous day’s outing to Oundle (very nice, tricky, free) takes its toll on four energy levels or uxorial tolerance.  Fewer than half crossing the 30 point threshold so must have been a bit tougher than it looked.

Steady stuff from Lance with 34 points to win by 1 from Jonathan. Gotta get that handicap down to a sensible level, and getting rid of the 8s and 9s would be a big help.

Our new intake of Refos members seem to be adopting the Colin model of big muscles and hitting everything flat out.  God help the rest of us when the rough dies down, might take up bowls instead.

Lance knocks off another low score in the league to put on a sprint for the finishing line with just 5 rounds to go to the end of the Summer League.  At present showing 5 consecutive scores of 34 would do the job for me if Lance comes off the rails.

Two birdies a week would also put me up with Mark in the eclectic, so long as they’re not on the 15th.  Can Andy do it – just a couple more well aimed ones might do.

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August 18 – Kim Kardashian

Sorry, all behind.

Brief update and Phil rises to the top with a very tidy 38 points to win from a trio on 35, Andrew, Walter and David W.

Lance forging ahead in the league …

Mark still one ahead in the eclectic but Andy lurking.

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August 11 – The new guard show their teeth

Blimey, hot scoring from the newcomers and 39 points only good enough for tied third.

Henry’s king with 41, not bad for a 19 handicapper to get pars on SI 1 and 2. Oh, and a birdie on 18 for another 4 points.  Then came Jamie with 40 points on a hit and run visit; 19 after 11 holes then wham, level par from there and 7 consecutive 3 pointers.  Again, not bad for 18 handicap.  James in joint third with 39 after 23 out, followed by a couple of misfires on the back nine.

Andy also in with 39 off his 12 handicap, and the lowest gross score of the day with 79, helped along by a birdie on 10.

The 6.30 start took its toll on Danie, not waking up until the back nine, level par, and doubling his outward points.  Exotic card from Phil in this trio, 4 consecutive 4s on the way out, then 4 x 5 and 4 x 4 on the way home (for breakfast?). The third member, the good Doc, was clearly saving himself for his second 18 of the day, after lunch.

All change in the league as Pete completes his 10 and shares top spot with Lance, benefiting from reaching the knock-off stage in the league.

Mark still on top of the eclectic table, with Andy in hot pursuit.  Everyone now with at least 1 birdie after getting news that his missing card contained 2 from a few weeks ago.

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4 August – Mark’s Reminder

There was James sitting pretty with 37 points when in walks the Man in Pink with 39.  Glorious round of 73 with 4 birdies and an eagle to finish off, for a 39 point total, best in the club competition too when we all headed off home. Level par back and a shiny new tooth means life is really good for the young maestro.

Pleased as Punch

Solid stuff from James for second place, 19 out, 18 back, no blobs.  Then Martyn, no doubt inspired by Mark, and Gary next with 35.  Gary looked to be heading for a big score, being 4 ahead of handicap after 15 then suffering the curse of the last 4 holes, often the destroyers of good rounds.

More now reaching the 10 qualifying cards in the League, with Richard and Pete poised to grab the lead when they do the same.

Giant leap up the Eclectic table by Mark.  Now just Martyn to break his birdie duck.


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28 July – Bit fragmented

All sounded terribly slow.  Three late starters including me and what turned out to be the best score of the cards I’d received. Then Pete 1 back, and James and Lance a further 3.

Full report next time 

Lance is first to 10 rounds and can now start to tidy up.

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Arthur’s Revenge

Well, having commented on Arthur’s counting I’ve gone and done the same, denying myself a back nine point in the divvying up.  So the proper result was a tie for top spot between David M and Andy with 36, one ahead of Lance with 35, all three with a couple of blobs and opportunities missed.

Stunning 3 birdies from James, consecutive ones on 9 and 10 and a bonus one on 14.  Good solid play from Mark with 19 out and gross 79, hope the driver is okay after the 18th tee felt the full force of frustration as the ball shot off right, not to be seen again. Pretty stunning miscue by James on the 18th tee, the outside cm of the driver hitting the ball and whacking if off at 45 degrees, again never to reappear.

Lance benefits in the league from being the most regular attendee but the pack is close behind.

Andy pops into the lead in the eclectic after some good tactical cleaning up, and the no birdie brigade reduces to 3.

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Scorchio!! Weather and Jamie

Variety of starting times for Captain’s Day, earliest at about 6.30, rest of us nearer normal times.  Haven’t heard for sure but Jamie’s 41 points must have been hard to beat, really well done.  No card for Jamie, maybe others, but this is the current status.

And it’s Phil in among Jamie’s following pack with 35 points, closely pursued by Arthur and Mike with 34.  Was that a nearest-the-pin for Arthur on 10?  And rumours of others from Refos on other holes.  The RGC website hasn’t been updated yet so can’t check.

Then there’s the Richard show, League and Eclectic, rewards for such consistent play.  Good to see the happy mood these days!

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June 30 – Big field, Noblobs Blair Wins

Thought in passing for David and Sandra on their special commemoration day.

Most people out for months as the scorching weather continues, 18 cards, at least Henry’s not available.

And Arlo comes out on top, much to his rapturous joy.  And that’s for a whole 18 holes!  Solid 18 out and then another 8 over the next three to make a really good score look very much on the cards.  The difficult wind took its toll in four of the remaining six but no blobs.  Off to the archive for the pic, didn’t need the underarmour on a day like this.

Playing partner and ever consistent Andy in next, just one point back,  Nothing worse than 5 on 16 holes but the tell-take horizontal lines on 1 and 17 give a bit of a clue as to what happened in each.

Some errata on the scores reported, with the cards painting a different picture.  Pete’s said 5 on 5 for 3 points, Arthur’s showed a bit of arithmetic challenge.  Can only enter what I see, and the computer is pretty adamant about what it reports.

Richard still in charge of the league as he passes half way, must add columns for rounds 9 and 10.

…  and of the eclectic, including birdie count.  Someone must explain to four of us exactly what a birdie is.

Three sharing the handicap eclectic lead but the results seem to show that whoever’s good at proper ones is also going to do well taking handicap into account.

See there’s an app to send WordPress stuff to WhatsApp, being the new favoured comms channel, but b**ed if I can see how it works.


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