Round 4 – Icy wind, no problem for Lance

What a difference a day makes, pretty chilly, made worse by the wind in the traditional Royston direction.  Everyone seemed to suffer as a result, except for Lance who powered to 19 out, 18 back and yet another win.  Nice steady scoring, just one blow out.

Had the privilege of playing with the Rich man again, first time this year, and a delight to watch.  just 3 points in the first 4 then a burst of 24 points in 9 holes for a 36 pointer including three birdies.  David W and Colin in next with 34.  The conditions meant 8 of the 13 starters didn’t get to 30 but everyone soon cheered up in the bar.

Best front 9  :  Lance with 19 from Colin with 17
Best back 9 : David W with 21 from Richard with 20
Best gross :  Richard with 78

Colin nudging further ahead in the league with another solid round …

… and heading the eclectic table by 3 …

… and the handicap version by 1

PS :  went to review Great Hadham for a possible Seniors fixture.  Sooooo muddy so never ever complain about Royston, which is currently in fantastic condition despite the time of year.

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Round 3 – Good scoring in Medal

Ten out on a calmish day that called for winter woollies and gloves at the start. Will add David W’s card when I get it back.

Sizzling stuff from Mark with a glorious gross 74 made up of outward 1 under and just a few hiccups on the way home.  But 38 points and 2 birdies along the way.  Same points score for David M, 19 each way, no birdies and no great mishaps.


Day’s Stats

Best gross  :  74 from Mark from DM with 82
Best front 9 :  22 points for Mark from Byron with 21
Best back 9 :  20 points for Martin from DM and Lance with 19

Colin establishes a healthy lead in the league, averaging 37 for the three round so far, leading David M by 7.

Colin taking control over both eclectics with 70 gross and 64 net.

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Round 2 – Colin Copes Best

Bit chilly to start and winter woollies on.  Then getting a lot milder for the twelve who turned out at this early stage of the Winter League. Big gaps in the field, chaps, so let’s try to keep up with the games ahead and avoid the accusing finger.

Sparkling stuff from Colin forging along with 19 points on the first eight, ah, make that nine after some sort of calamity.  Then full steam ahead for a back nine of 20 and a finishing birdie to round off a good day’s work.

Game of two halves for Richard with a leisurely 15 points going out  but a magnificent 23 back, 5 twos, 3 threes and a four for a 1 under par gross. Pity you’re not entering the League, times must be hard.

Then ever-present Pete with 36 points of similar composition, 13 out and 23 back.  We all seem to love the course conditions now.

Two good rounds gets Colin’s campaign off to a flier in the League, obviously going for gold while the weather stays reasonably mild.

Well done Pete for arranging the Refos Dinner on 16 December, numbers building nicely and already 16 pairs signed up.

Footnote  :  polite suggestion from Gary that we have something new in the league seasons so suggestions welcomed.  Might attract him back too; don’t worry, the present phase will pass (preferably not to someone else!).


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Start of Winter League 2017-18, Andy off like a whippet

Only 9 turned up on a wet morning, with the grim forecast putting off many of the regulars.  Soon lost 2 after a few holes, Martin making a rather feeble excuse about his battery and Trev just thinking of his next Caribbean cruise.  Walter didn’t return a card so that left six stalwarts.

Great stuff from young Andy with a spirited 38 points after a tidy 18 out and 20 back despite a blob on 14 but remedied by two birdies.

Then came Colin with his usual swashbuckling style, not only avoiding yet another OB on 11 but canning a long putt across the slope for a stunning par.

The survivors’ scores looked like this, with Gary’s reappearance due when he’s been to the bank for the £10 entry money.  Assumption here is we’ll have best of 8 over the next 5 months, if that’s acceptable to all.


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Journey’s end, Lance is champ, more cow pie for Dan

Glorious round by Danie, yet again, this time 1 under for 41 points, two birdies each on front and back nines, nothing more than 5 per hole.  We bow in reverence and hope you don’t start asking for appearance money. Secret Santa present behind you, to be going on with.

Joint next up was Mark with gross 75 for 36 points, more high quality stuff including three  birdies to add  to an already big pile.  Playing partner Colin may have denied a point on the second cos the computer says yes to 36.  The lad is well over the jet lag now and knocking in some consistent scores.

And now for the league, with Lance taking the casual approach and not turning up to cement his win.  But he’s Summer League Champion 2017 so very well done, with some terrific scores to help the downward route of the handicap.  Might not have been a moment to soon with Danie zooming up the table and having a 30 (get a grip, man) to knock off.  Same for Simon B, in joint second.

Looking back, the scores this year were huge compared with previous years.  So 366 this time, 353 last year and 337 in 2015.  Is it that the rough was much less punitive this year or just that we’ve acquired some outstanding performers?

All said, very well done you chaps.

Not to be outdone, Mark wins both the normal and the handicap eclectics.  The same trio held the top three positions, showing that handicaps are there or there abouts but that we lesser mortals can get withing spitting distance if we really put our minds to it.

I’ll now take an Autumn recess from the reporting duty and look forward to kicking off the Winter League on 5 November.




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Plawdits Again

You must teach the rest of us how to dit, Pete, another to add to your winning streak.  So a fine gross 78 and 39 points as the handicap heads for Doctor’s Orders.  Behind the scenes Pete beat Ray Sammons convincingly in the Seniors’ Scratch and goes into two more finals soon.

Colin continues his surge up the ranks with 38 despite the Fat Lady on the ninth;  so seven 3s, seven 2s, three 1s.

Can’t resist reporting holing out from 157 yards on the 4th for a very rare birdie and the only one on the 4th this league season.  As Martyn so eloquently put it

Loved your drive on the 4th. You were so cool, letting the others drive off first before producing such magic. Wow, you took it so easy off the tee before mumbling a few words in the knowledge that you had successfully winged the ball left a short distance, towards the 3rd. Whatever you did with your second shot must have been more conventional, and probably more stunning to watch. You knew you were ideally placed to get the ball into the perfect position for your 3rd shot, so you went for it. Impressive, you managed to get the true carry and distance right while also taking account of the wind and the elevation to land the ball just where it needed to be, about 150 yards from the hole. Respect! Having got the ball into the perfect position for a shot at the hole, you knew that just a few minutes later you would walk of the green having got an easy birdie in the bag. And for everyone else it’s the hardest hole on the course. Stunning!

Can’t also resist the follow-up to Pete’s description of my shot to the 16th being ‘a real Senior’s effort’, nipping to the right of the bunker, to the fringe.  Then a masterful 7 iron chip for and unheralded second birdie to add to my one in the previous 16 or so rounds.

Back in the real world Lance nicks an extra point to go 2 ahead with one round left in the league.  An average of 36.6 over the ten rounds is precisely 0.6 more than my best.

Mark may begin to think he can relax in the eclectic as Colin, Danie and Pete probably fight it out for runner-up spot.

A challenge from Colin in the handicap version, with a few others within spitting distance.

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Round 21 – Lance Strongarm

Had the boil joke already but here’s Lance hitting the headlines again with a scintillating gross 80 in the Medal and 44 points in Refos terms. The stats say 2 x 1 point, 7 x 2 points, 8 x 3 points and 1 x 4 points, and 8 consecutive 4s on the back nine.  Great stuff Lance, well done.

Two extras in the line up, so 17 really, just missing cards for Tony and Nick.

Similar gross 80 for Walter to share second place with Simon B on 37 points, usually enough for the top spot. No blobs for Simon as his roller coaster hits a high points, including 4 consecutive three-pointers round the turn.  Even more of a roller coaster from Walter, getting 7 three-pointers but two blobs, otherwise very impressive.

First Medal casualty was David W, getting close up to the front wall of the bunker on the left of the first and surrendering after 4 goes at getting out.  Then a 10 for Pete on the ninth and 7 off the tee for Colin on the 11th as his homing pigeon balls faithfully made their way over the trees, following a well used route.  Suggest a comfy 7 iron off the tee next time for a guaranteed 5 at worst.

So a big surge up the league table by Lance, adding no less than 12 to his total to lead from Simon with a more modest 3 point advance.  Looks like a fight to the death between these two for the prize unless Mark can pull out a couple of corkers in the remaining rounds.

Lance’s progress isn’t reflected so much in the handicap eclectic, looking like just a 1 point improvement.  Quick check on the scores history shows this is right.  So Mark still holding onto a slender lead from Colin, now joined by Pete in joint second place.

Stats for the day, no guesses needed

Best front nine  :  Lance with 20 from Walter with18
Best back nine :  Lance with 24 from Simon B with 21
Best gross  :  Lance and Walter with 80

Two rounds to go!!

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Round 20 – Handy, Andy

Just shows, body mass doesn’t matter as Andy cleans up again with a controlled 37, scored over 16 holes to spare our blushes.  Steady 18 out including a birdie on 6 then 19 back from 7 holes, finishing with a flourish on 18. Another pic from the archives – must remember to bring camera or get some of you mobphone people to do the necessary.

Gary continues his run of form having said goodbye to Mr Armitage, coming in second with 36, also over just 16 holes.  Then Simon B and the good Doctor on 35 also over 16 each.  Must try this double blobbing cos it seems to concentrate the mind.

Another couple for Simon at the top of the league as Mark and Lance stay put.  Big surge by Andy, adding 9 points to have a glimmer of a chance in the home straight.

No real change in the eclectic as Mark continues to hold a 5 shot lead.

Same story in the handicap eclectic, Mike taking advantage of the new 19 handicap to move up 1 into joint third place.

Stats for the day

Best front nine : Andy with 18 from lots on 15
Best back nine :  Gary and David W with 21
Best gross  :  Andy with 81

Three to go!

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Round 19 – Bouncy Castle

Great stuff from the Cheeky Chippie as he powered through the handicap target by a whole 5 shots that are certain to bring the bar down a bit.  Good solid scoring over the front 9, finishing with a birdie to make it 22 out. The 6-5 finish must have felt like a bit of a disappointment but 19 points speak for themselves. The Xmas tree is a bit of a give away and Arlo has put on a spurt of growth meantime.

By my reckoning Andy’s birdie on 15 should have been worth 4 points not the 3 recorded, so if true means he should have been joint second with Danie.  I’ll leave you lads to sort that one out.  Back to Andy, a slow start of 1 point on the first led to a barrage of 20 on the next eight holes.  Pity about the 11th otherwise the top spot beckoned.

As for Danie, well, a level par round of 70 is just fabulous, not a 6 to be seen on the card, one-over going out, birdies on 17 and 18 to make it one-under back, 40 points total.

Then Gary with 21 points on 7 holes from the 7th, including a birdie on 9 to match playing partner Martin’s.  That gave a share of what now seems to be 4th place with Simon B, whose 22 out was 5  x 2 and 4 x 3.

Colin is the only mover in the eclectic, knocking another 1 off with a well aimed birdie at 7. Mark moves one further ahead just to show who’s boss …

… and in the handicap eclectic too, with Colin moving into clear second place.

Stats for the day :

Best front nine  :  Martin and Simon with 22 from Andy with 21
Best back nine :   Danie with 21 from Martin, Arlo, Gary and Andy with 19
Best gross :   Danie with 70 from Mark with 78

And remember, just 4 rounds to go for this summer league.

Footnote  :  don’t quite know how the wrong score sheet got in there last week, now amended if you look on

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Round 17 – Pete knows no bounds

Fore! we all cried to warn the dog walker on the practice ground.  Undeterred Pete launches another up the middle and gets a comfy second-ball par.  Then does 16 of the next 17 in net par, just removing 4 shovel-fulls of sand on the 10th to keep it at 36 points and a winning margin of 3 over Richard and Simon C . Richard took the more orthodox route of 16 out, 17 back while Simon stormed in with 20 to add to 13 out.

Neil there to make it a round 15, good to see you, memberships are available.

Mark nudges further ahead in the league, adding 3 to Lance’s 1.  Pete adds 8 and will need a few more like today’s in the remaining 5 weeks to the end of the league season.

All pretty much the same in the Eclectic except that Pete joins Danie in second place while Colin leapfrogs up to be just 1 further back.

Pete also knocks of 1 in the handicap eclectic, all to play for.


Round times  :  everyone round in about 3 hours 35, well done, useful ammunition.
Best Front nine  :  Pete with 18 from Mark, Richard and Arthur with 16
Best back nine :  Gary with 21 from Simon C and Lance with 20
Best gross  :  Mark with 79 from Richard with 81

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