Refos Riders

Well, it all started well, nice ride around the villages on Thursday ending with 2 pints of Abbot.

Then The Hanman said let’s ride up to Gransden, it’s about 10 miles each way. Yea, 20 miles from home came first sight of Gransden airfield ….. and the first cloudburst. Quick nip to the gliding clubhouse? No, 2 miles round the perimeter on a pot-holed road. Great reception when we arrived at least – help yourself to tea or coffee lads.

Quick pause for breath then the return trip. Er, why is you tyre looking a bit down, Tone? Not just down but knackered, the valve parting company with the inner tube. Don’t worry, I have a spare tube says Dr G. Then again, do worry, the valve won’t poke through the rim properly. And here comes the rain – no make that thunder and lightning.

Who's got a tyre lever?

Solution : Dr G pedals the remaining 10 miles home, arriving like a drowned rat but at least not conducting any lightning along the way. Gets car and collects The H man. Bring on the London to Cambridge ride on 25 July! It’s only twice the distance, or not quite.

PS Lessons – get a tool kit, repair outfit and some waterproofs. Take mobile.

PPS  Whole point of going to Gransden – to check out the gliding lessons. Anyone else up for a bit of powerless aeronautics? Mere 26 quid for as long as the thermals keep you up, within reason.

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