Refos Roll of Honour

Have collected these as former R-men in an idle moment. Anyone finding at least 3 more gets free entry into the who-can-talk-more-about-football-than-Pete-and-Arfur competition

Colin Archibald
Mel Bradley
Robin Christie
Darren Coles
Colin Copeland
Darren Dawson
Jim Douglas
Gary Fortune
Ian Gavine
Keith Haley
Malcolm Haynes
Alan Haynes
Steve Thomas
Steve Magona
David McCarthy
Steve McDonnell
Bruce Mew
Allen Miller
Doug Moule
David Neale
John Nicholls
Derek Pettit
Barry Rouse
Walter Shaw
Neil Skehel
Martin Spindler
Graham Symes
Phil Wilcox
Gavin Williams

Good man Gary, Paul Metcalfe, Pete Young and correction Steve Thomas not Jones.

C’mon the rest of you, there must be more!

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