Resuming after snow break, gale instead

This was sitting as a draft from a week ago, sorry chaps, good intentions thwarted by leaking brain cells.

A day for the hardy, blimey what a wind! Nothing better than 7 on the 9th, says it all, straight into the teeth of it. And nothing better than 29 points. Missed opportunity to boost the pension fund, Danie, word has it you were 3 over in your knockout match.

Back amongst normal mortals it was a 4-way on 29 between Arthur, Pete, Martin and Martyn.

No change in the top 3 places in the League, Jonathan taking another breather in his quest for a debut win.

Nudge forward by Phil in the Eclectic, in pursuit of Mark, who felt obliged to wimp out today. Not a bad idea but everyone who did appear seemed to feel the better for it, particularly the club house bonhomie.

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